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Cross Referral Information

A Cross Referral means that your co-op coordinator does not manage that job. They are asking their colleague to see that (your coordinator) thinks you might be a good candidate for the job. For many positions.. this "vote of confidence" is enough. The job owner then looks at all resumes that have been referred to the job and sends the best out of the batch.

Sometimes the other coordinator will want to meet with you before deciding whether to send your resume or not. Then you should be notified (likely by your coordinator - or the job description) that you need to have a cross referral meeting.

When asked to set up a cross referral meeting with another college (Bouve, Business, etc.)...go to their walk-in hours or make an appt with them (some have specific directions - see below).........Dress up, bring your resume, the job description and some questions. Also, if you have completed a previous co-op, bring a copy of the evaluation from your employer.

Since the new employer evals (fa14 and on) are not housed in NUcareers, and you may need easy access to yours for a cross referral meeting, these directions will walk you through how to save your evaluation from the other system and add it to NUcareers. Good luck!

Meeting with DMSB Business Coordinators-

Here are SP18 tips if you are interested in a position managed within DMSB

Meeting with Health Sciences Coordinators - Lisa Foster or Dierdre Jordan (fyi- as of 10.2.17 - they will send students from outside Bouve after Nov 2nd, 2017 to their jobs that still need applicants - these jobs will denoted as "featured postings" on NUCareers)

Meeting with other Bouve Coordinators such as Physical Therapy or Nursing - (fyi- as of 10.2.17 - nursing is still TBA - they do not usually send students from outside Bouve until after Nov 1st or so)

A lot of companies that require cross referrals also do on-campus presentations/information sessions. See below on how to best utilize these sessions

  • Read this to best prepare for On campus presentations by employers
  • CSSH - Employer visit and information session calendar

  • CBA - Business - Employer visit and information session calendar

  • If you are interested in Finance co-ops, see this listing of events to learn more about the different career opportunities.