Northeastern University

Creating Your Own Job Forms

There are TWO forms to fill out to have your job approved as a co-op: Student Developed Employment Form 1 & 2.

If your proposed co-op is also a research proposal, see this link for potential funding opportunities.

Student Developed Employment Form 1

This form forces you (the student) to have a discussion about your goals, training, expectations and needs with the employer. (Like I would if I was talking with them).

The STUDENT should fill out the form and have the employer sign it.

Please choose the form that covers the correct co-op term and length of your intended co-op.

  • Summer 2017 4 Month Co-op

  • Spring 2017 6 Month Co-op

  • Spring 2017 4 Month Co-op

  • Summer2/Fall 2016 6 Month Co-op

  • Fall 2016 4 Month Co-op

  • Summer 2016 4 Month Co-op

  • Spring 2016 6 Month Co-op

  • Spring 2016 4 Month Co-op

    **Since it requires your employer's signature - Submit completed form to Lisa for approval (via fax, hardcopy, or a scan). Your student developed job is NOT approved until the employer and Lisa have signed this form.

    Student Developed Employment Form 2

    This form helps us enter your student developed job into MY NEUCOOL. Without it your job is not approved and does not exist. Please email a completed version to Lisa as soon as you can.

    Please click on the following LINK to complete the form to enter this job into myNEU COOL.