Northeastern University

Creating Your Own Job Process

There are TWO steps to complete to have your job approved as a co-op: 1) Student Developed Employment Form and 2) entering the job into NUcareers.

If your proposed co-op is also a research proposal, see this link for potential funding opportunities.

Student Developed Employment Form

This form forces you (the student) to have a discussion about your goals, training, expectations and needs with the employer. (Like I would if I was talking with them).

The STUDENT should fill out the form and have the employer sign it.

Please choose the form that covers the correct co-op term and length of your intended co-op.

  • Fall 2018 4 Month Co-op

  • Summer2/Fall 2018 6 Month Co-op

  • Spring 2018 6 Month Co-op

  • Spring 2018 4 Month Co-op

  • Summer 2018 4 Month Co-op

    **Since it requires your employer's signature - Submit completed form to Lisa for approval (via fax, hardcopy, or a scan). Your student developed job is NOT approved until the employer and Lisa have signed this form.

    Student Developed Employment STEP 2

    Use this CHEATSHEET to see how to enter your student developed job information into NUcareers. Without it your job is not approved and does not exist. Please login to NUcareers and follow the steps in the document.

    Please click on the following LINK to complete the STEP and enter this job into NUCareers.