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Background Information

Each year, six month Co-op assignments begin at the beginning of July and, again, at the beginning of January. If you enter Northeastern as a freshman, you are typically eligible to begin your first Co-op at the beginning of your second semester of your sophomore year. Transfer students are usually eligible to start Co-op after completing at least one academic semester at NU.

Although Co-op Faculty Coordinators make every reasonable effort to help you find a position, NU cannot guarantee that you will have a job each Co-op term. Because of job-markets or other conditions, occasionally even a well-qualified student may not obtain a position. Working closely with your Co-op faculty coordinator and meeting all required deadlines will benefit you in your Co-op job search process.

How to Find a Co-op Position
Interviewing and Accepting a Co-op Position
Staying in touch with your Co-op Faculty Coordinator while out on Co-op
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How to Find a Co-op Position

NUcareers is Northeastern's online database of Co-op jobs, which you may access through MyNEU on the University Website. This system makes it easier than ever to upload your resume and find the right Co-op job for you.

If you have any questions about the database, go here NUcareers Help

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Interviewing and Accepting a Co-op Position

Your Faculty Co-op Coordinator will forward your resume to employers of the jobs that you are qualified for (out of the ones you have selected). If you apply to jobs in other majors, your Co-op Coordinator will ask their colleagues (to cross refer you) to consider sending your resume as well. (depending on the major, you may have to meet with the Coordinator who works with this employer before your resume would be considered). Once your resume has been sent, you will be contacted directly by employers who would like you to come in for an interview. The employer makes the final decision about who will be interviewed and who will be hired - not Northeastern.

After you receive and accept a Co-op job offer, contact your Co-op faculty coordinator immediately to confirm your employment status and complete any necessary paperwork. If you fail to do so, you may be subject to withdrawal from the University by the registrar.

Your acceptance of a Co-op job is considered final when you confirm it with your employer and Co-op Faculty Coordinator either verbally or in writing. Once you accept a position, you must notify all other employers to whom you were referred that you are no longer available. You may not accept more than one job offer. You must remain on your Co-op job until you complete the work period that you agreed to with your employer.

Staying in touch with your Co-op Faculty Coordinator while out on Co-op

While you are on Co-op, you are encouraged to stay in contact with Northeastern and your Co-op Faculty Coordinator. Check your email and Blackboard for announcements and assignments, as you would for any other NU course.

Make sure you check your Northeastern e-mail account regularly. It is the primary method of communication with your Faculty Coordinator. If you need specific assistance during the course of your Co-op experience, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.