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Proof that Social Science Degrees can help you get and succeed at jobs!

  • Social Science graduates have best job prospects !

    Examples of Co-op Positions for all 3 majors

  • Examples of Coop Positions printable version

  • An on-line tool to help you figure out career choices

  • Think about what you Really want to do...


  • Careers in Sociology from the ASA (American Sociological Association)

  • and the ASA Student Forum (American Sociological Association)

  • Careers in Sociology from NU Career Services

  • American Sociological Association - What can I do with A Sociology Degree...more ideas refer to page 7).

  • What can I do with a Soc degree? - By Steve Vallas - Department Chair


  • Careers in Anthropology from NU Career Services

  • American Anthropological Association - Anthropology: Career Paths and Education - Education for the 21st Century.

  • American Anthropological Association (AAA) - Careers in Anthropology.

  • Careers in Anthropology (from NU Anthropologists)

  • Corporate Anthropology Article

  • AAA- Why Businesses Should Hire Anthropologists

  • Graduate students at the University of Florida respond to their Governor's comment that Anthropology "provide no benefits to his citizens". See this



  • Careers in Human Services (from NU Career Services)


  • Check Out These CEOs' First Jobs - Some of the very most powerful executives in tech and media didn't start their careers in glamorous positions, either. The Corporate Playbook.

    MORE TYPES OF JOBS....(more on co-op positions)

  • More on types of jobs and co-ops at this link.