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Every year there is a COOLEST CO-OP VIDEO contest. See some great ones from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.
Employer Major Reflection Project Link Student co-op term student picture description
ACCION - Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas Human Services and International Affairs Prezi Marissa Watkins sp15

Marissa developed this job in Colorado
AIDS Action Committee- Housing Service Associate Sociology PowerPoint Taylor Friedwald fa15

Taylor's Co-op was part of the BCIC program
Aperian Global Anthropology/IAF Brochure Sarina Spector fa12

Arbour Hospital Human Services/IAF Brochure Jennifer Gamez sp12

Jennifer worked at an in-patient Psychiatric Hospital
Arbour Hospital Human Services reflection paper Adria McMillan sp11

Adria worked on an acute adult psychiatric inpatient unit.
Aston Educational Group Cultural Anthropology Video Kaelyn Rupinski sp16

Kaelyn taught English in Vietnam

The Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict

AND Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum

AND The US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Sociology Prezi Hannah Sattler sp16 (4 month) + fa16 (6 month)

Hannah worked at all three sites throughout a 4 month Spring co-op and a 6 month Summer2/fall one. She also has created research based on her experience.

Bergen County Special Services Human Services paper Jorge Acosta Maury sp16

Jorge worked with children with Autism in a school setting..

Biogen Sociology paper Kat Bridge sp16

Kat worked with the HR team at Biogen.

Big Sister of Boston Human Services/IAF video Erika Koeniger sp16

Erika worked on the recruitment team at Big Sister.

The Bishop Museum Cultural Anthropology


Channing Stephens fa13

Channing's Co-op was located in Honolulu Hawaii
BJs Sociology PowerPoint Stephanie Larobadiere fa15

Stephanie worked with the Brand team at BJs.

Boston Consulting Group Sociology paper Adetokunbo ”Seyi” Alakija sp16

Seyi worked in HR with the Career Services team.

Boston Medical Center (BMC) Grow Clinic Sociology/Cultural Anthropology


Clare Malone fa15

Clare's Co-op was part of the BCIC program
Boston Scholar Athletes Human Services


Taylor Tharp sp15

BSA supports academic achievement through athletics.
Cape Town Refugee Centre Human Services

reflection brochure and this article (p.7 of the pdf)

Sarah Lucey sp12

(Sarah was hired through Connect 123). Read more about Sara's other co-op as well.

City of Boston - Mayor's 24 Hour Constituent Service Various Majors Prezi Various Students fa12

The eight co-ops from the summer2/Fall 2012 co-op created this presentation.

Also, see a video about this program - it shows some of our great co-ops in action!

City Year Human Services

Learn about her job at City Year in the Human Potential (like HR) Department.

Liza Ashley sp14

City Year is trying to minimize the gap between what children need for education – and what schools can provide.

City Year Various majors (5 students - Sp12) Read this PowerPoint to learn about the jobs the 6 students had at City Year Headquarters in Sp12.

And check out their Prezi!" as well!
Various students

Pictured here with CEO and Co-Founder of City Year


City Year is also highlighted on an Employer Spotlight as well.

Code Pink Sociology prezi Rebecca Green Sp16

Code Pink is a women-led grassroots organization in Washington DC.

Crotched Mountain Rehabilition Center Human Services/IAF reflection brochure Francisca Fils-Aime fa11

This co-op is in NH.

Crotched Mountain Rehabilition Center Sociology (has now changed to Psych) Video Emily DaSilva fa12

This co-op is in NH.

DDB Tribal in Berlin Sociology Coolest Co-op Video submission Alex Taylor fa12

This co-op was in Berlin Germany.

Doorway to Dreams Fund Sociology powerpoint Dani Curry sp16

D2D Fund works to help vulnerable people with financial knowledge and skill.

Edinburgh Montessori Arts School in Scotland Human Services Reflection Brochure Jamie Weldon sp15

This co-op was in Scotland.

Fenway Health – the Fenway Institute Human Services paper Rima Sheehab sp16

The Fenway Institute is part of Fenway Health.

Education First Human Services/International Affairs PowerPoint Sarah Hazlitt sp15

EF provides international and domestic tours for groups.

The Food Project International Affairs/Economics Reflection PowerPoint

Maria Ewing fa15

Maria's Co-op was part of the BCIC program

The Food Project Communication Studies Reflection PowerPoint

Jon Aldieri fa14

Jon's Co-op was part of the BCIC program

The Fundacion Antonio Nunez Jimenez Human Services Reflection PowerPoint

Caroline Bynum sp17

Caroline and Madeline Drake were the first two students to co-op in Cuba as part of a new research collaborative with NU.

FSD - Foundation for Sustainable Development Human Services and IAF video. Lindsay entered this video in the 2010 COOLEST CO-OP video contest. Lindsay Voet fa11

Read more about Lindsey's other co-op as well.

Franciscan Hospital for Children Kennedy Day School Human Services and ASL PowerPoint Jennifer Kronmiller sp15

KDS provides special education, therapeutic and health services to children with significant needs.

GICHD - Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Deming Human Services and IAF video Diana Zalaquett fa11

Diana entered this video in the 2011 COOLEST CO-OP video contest
GOLD - South Africa Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Deming Human Services/International Affairs brochure Daniella Emami sp15

Daniella completed this co-op in South Africa through Connect 123
Grand Slam Baseball - India Cultural Anthropology

In 2015, NU sent a videographer to India and filmed this.

It is amazing what our students do!
Sp15 video - so cool!

2013 Coolest Co-op Video submission

And, here is their facebook page.

Jackson Golden fa13 + sp15

Jackson and a friend started a baseball league in New Dehli, India as an 8 month experiential co-op in 2013. He returned in 2015 with two more co-ops.

Global Rescue Cultural Anthropology Brochure

Stephanie Kley fa12

Helping Hand Home for Children Human Services Prezi Dana Wells-Barrett sp15

This Co-op was in Austin, Texas
Institute for Healthcare Improvement Sociology


Jamie Keating fa13

Irish Immigration Center Cultural Anthropology

reflection paper

Sean Hansen sp13

Iss Australia Cultural Anthropology/Sociology and Finance

reflection paper

Melissa Davis sp15

John Winthrop School for Young Children Human Services/IAF


Ally Dorsey sp15

JWS is a preschool in Boston.

Library of Congress Cultural Anthropology

Northeastern highlighted Jillian's co-op in this Article.

Jillian Chaffee sp14

Massachusetts Archives Cultural Anthropology

Check out Chase’s reflection PowerPoint.

Chase Nelson sp17

Massachusetts Children's Alliance Human Services Reflection Paper Halie Proulx sp13

Halie learned a ton about Child Protective Services at this coop.
MathWorks Sociology PowerPoint Challis Regan sp14

Challis worked as the Social Mission Co-op in Natick, MA.
MonkeyBiz Human Services blog entry Jamie Weldon sp17

Jamie worked with Monkey Biz in South Africa
Museum of Fine Arts Sociology PowerPoint Efi Narliotis sp16

Efi worked with the studio art classes at the MFA.
NATO Defense College IAF (used to be HS/IAF) PowerPoint Sarah Hazlitt sp14

This co-op was in Rome, Italy..
Newton Public Schools -Williams Elementary Human Services PowerPoint Kelliann Dietel fa13

This job was in an elementary school in Newton, MA.
Next Step Living Sociology PowerPoint Riley Kusnick sp15

FYI – This company has since closed – but the experience is interesting!
Northern Ire­land Council for Ethnic Minori­ties Sociology and Communication Studies

Sonia's co-op was highlighted on the NU News site for her co-op in Northern Ireland with the Belonging Project.

Sonia Banaszczyk sp14

NU - Admissions Human Services powerpoint Kelliann Dietel fa14

Kelliann has now graduated and works in admissions for University of PA!
NU - Brudnick Center on Violence and Conflict Cultural Anthropology/International Affairs Reflection paper Alexis Brinkman sp13

She got to do research with renowned professors, Jack Levin and Gordana Rabrenovic
NU-Center of Community Service - Civic Engagement Program Sociology Paper Dani Curry sp15

NU-Center of Community Service - Service-Learning Department Human Services PowerPoint Liza Ashley sp15

There are two co-ops in the Service -Learning office. Liza was the Program Assistant
NU-Center of Community Service - Service-Learning Department Human Services Prezi Suzanne Kim sp15

There are two co-ops in the Service -Learning office. Suzie was the Program Office Assistant Cultural Anthropology Paper Tricia Rudy fa16

This was in Greece Global Health (Self designed - Sociology + other majors) Brochure Erin Cooney fa12

This was in Australia
The Occupy Movement (Experiential Co-op) Social Movements, Activism, and Alternative Governance major Occupy Bryan MacCormack fa11

Bryan reflects on his self-developed "experiential" co-op with the Occupy Movement.

That is him in the middle in the grey shirt.

Pine Street Inn Human Services paper Becca Britton-Anastas sp15

Her co-op was in the volunteer department.
Proud 2 B Me Human Services

Learn more about her experience from this fabulous reflection brochure

Christie Civetta sp12

Christie did her first co-op at Proud 2 B Me in South Africa (she was hired through Connect 123).

Pro World Human Services/IAF video Margarita Limcaoco fa12

This co-op was in Ghana and Margarita entered this video in the Coolest Co-op video contest.

Reebok - BOKS Human Services/International Affairs Reflection Powerpoint Ally Dorsey sp15

Here is a video Ally created while on her co-op.
Root Cause Center for Black Male Achievement Human Services and Sociology powerpoint Sarah Adler sp16

CBMA works to improve the life outcomes for black men and boys.

Root Cause Cultural Anthropology Reflection Paper Emily Resciniti sp13

Emily's Co-op was with the Operations Department
Rosie's Place Sociology Brochure

Please note: This job has changed since Rosa's co-op. The co-op is not as focused in the arts program, but spans more of everything Rosie's offers.

Rosa Harroun fa12

Rosa's Co-op was part of the BCIC program

SKIP (Supporting Kids in Peru) Sociology paper Jake Leichtman sp16

Jake worked through teaching academic classes and running sports programs.
Social Innovation Forum Human Services Reflection Paper Laura Ostrow sp15

During Laura's co-op, (the Social Innovation Forum)SIF was separating from Root Cause to become it's own 501c3
South African Education and Environment Project Sociology PowerPoint Greer McCormick sp13

Greer did this co-op in South Africa (she was hired through Connect 123).
Staples Cultural Anthropology Brochure Julie Paquette sp13

Julie worked with the Marketing team at Staples in Framingham, MA.
State Senator Sal DiDomenico Human Services/International Affairs PowerPoint Claire Bergsten sp14

Claire worked for a Senator in MA.
Transition House Anthropology and IAF powerpoint Courtney Gray sp16

Transition House is a domestic Violence agency.

Transportation Children's Center Human Services reflection brochure Ashley Depina sp12

This company is a daycare center.
Triangle - Program Associate Human Services reflection powerpoint Bailey Bruckmann sp15

This organization supports people living with disabilities.
Triangle - Event Marketing Sociology reflection powerpoint Kelsey Folkins sp14

This organization supports people living with disabilities.
uAspire Human Services PowerPoint Ana Goodenberger sp16

uAspire is a non-profit working to help with college affordability. The position is funded by the Charlotte Foundation.

uAspire Sociology reflection PowerPoint Derek Lin sp14

uAspire is a non-profit working to help with college affordability. The position is funded by the Charlotte Foundation.
United Service Sociology reflection PowerPoint Elizabeth Joseph fa13

United Service helps local hotels remain fully staffed.
Walker Human Services Prezi Heather Coen sp15

Walker provides services to emotionally, behaviorally, and learning disabled students (aged 3 to 22 years-old) and their families.
World Child Cancer Human Services Brochure Scarlett Lamb sp15

World Child Cancer is in London, England
WYCA Nashville Human Services Prezi Jordan Kellogg sp17

Jordan developed this co-op herself.

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