Northeastern University

Performance Evaluation Process

In an effort to bring about more meaningful opportunities for students to reflect upon their Co-operative education experience Northeastern has all employers evaluate the students. It is a wonderful learning tool that helps the students see what they need to improve and work upon.

  • We ask supervisors of Co-op students to fill out an evaluation on-line (in our database - we will contact you with a supervisor confirmation - usually about one month in.. and then send you login information, etc.).

  • We also ask that you meet with the student to discuss their performance before they have left.

    We have "hard-copy forms" if you prefer (over the on-line form)- you can then choose to have the student deliver the signed copy, or you can email it to me instead. (These forms are not as up to date as the on-line questionnaire. But I can accept them if it is easier for the employer.)

    Some employers also use this form to set goals prior to the co-op and/or to do a mid-term evaluation if they choose to do so.

    Evaluation (pdf form - fill in the blanks)

    Evaluation (word doc)