Northeastern University

Hiring Process Overview

Hiring a Northeastern University Co-op student is much like hiring another employee for your company - with value added!

You will work directly with me. I will guide you through the hiring process. In addition, I pre-screen the students who apply for your position.

Listing your position in the NU Co-op database

Here is a chart to better describe our hiring cycles. I am happy to explain any of this in more depth.

Co-op Term Posting Date
(listed on our database for students to apply)
Resumes to employer Employment
Start Date
End Date
Early to mid-September Mid-October Beginning of January End of June
Mid to late January Early to mid-March Beginning of July End of December

Reviewing Resumes/Interviewing Students

Making An Offer

When you are ready to make an offer to hire a student, we ask that you allow the student three business days to make a decision, if possible. If you require a decision more quickly, please make sure the student knows your timeline.

Thank you for your interest in the NU Co-op Program. I look forward to a rewarding relationship!

This document offers some information and suggestions for the hiring cycles. I hope it helps!