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Employer Testimonials

Please read some testimonials from our employers to see what they like/love about our program.

Testimonials are arranged in reverse chronological order (most recent at top)

  • Commonwealth (formerly Doorway to Dreams Fund)

  • Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

  • New Profit

  • AIDS Action Committee

  • Social Innovation Forum
  • Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue

  • Northeastern University - Center of Community Service

    BRIAN GILMORE, Senior Innovation Manager
    Commonwealth (formerly known as Doorways to Dreams Fund)

    “For the past 6 years, the coop program has been essential to helping us achieve our mission of building financial security for financially vulnerable people. We consistently receive talented and passionate candidates who contribute significantly to a broad spectrum of our projects and programs. In fact, two of our previous coops have become full-time employees, helping us to continue to achieve our mission beyond their initial placement. We are grateful to have such a valuable resource year after year.”

    May, 2018

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    KRISTINA DESIR, Manager of Recruitment
    Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

    “Northeastern co-ops have been a great addition to Big Sister Association of Greater Boston. Our co-ops have consistently been efficient, responsible, organized and eager to learn.

    Our co-ops are part of the Recruitment department where they focus on processing volunteers and family applications for our programs and represent our organization at collegiate and community recruitment events.

    Big Sister has benefited from the co-op program and have hired past co-ops after they graduate from Northeastern University.”

    May, 2018

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    Kim Syman, Managing Partner – Field Leadership and Early Learning Fund
    New Profit

    “The team that creates New Profit's annual event, the Gathering of Leaders, has featured the invaluable contribution of a coop for the past two years. The Gathering is large (~400 people over 3 days) and features complex program design, advance operations, and onsite logistics. New Profit's tiny staff team receives huge leverage from having a coop on board, with outsized impact for the money (especially valuable given how tight our budget is).

    Our coops are privy to every aspect of the planning process, sitting in on and contributing to meetings on program design, logistics, creative/look and feel, work planning, and more. Our coop is responsible for creating outreach materials, Google forms (to receive feedback from email surveys and questionnaires), follow up communications, and other aspects of small site visits to organizations around the Boston area. With a degree of maturity and insight greater than expected in a young staff member, he exercises judgment about an array of issues related to these site visits, observes and calls our attention to challenges before they turn into actual problems, and otherwise sweats the details (without seeming to be too stressed out himself) -- enabling the rest of the team to focus on other matters.

    Our co-ops have a great attitude about jumping in and taking initiative; produce thoughtful, high-quality work; are flexible and resilient when projects end up going in a different direction.”

    May, 2018

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    NORA LUTZ, Manager of Housing Search Services
    AIDS Action Committee

    “Northeastern co-ops have proven to be an incredible resource for our program. Each semester we are fortunate to have an energetic/ passionate Northeastern student join us. At AAC, the NEU co-op works closely with a caseload of clients through the Mass Rehab Commission to secure housing for people who are bound to nursing homes but otherwise able to (and usually, very eager to) live independently. Direct staff of AAC would not be able to assist these clients as many are not HIV+, so it is a very unique position and a chance to assist a very vulnerable population.

    Our co-op’s have kept things together for us during times of transition- their energy and flexibility is integral to our agency. Clients in our drop in groups often gravitate towards our co-ops because they are always incredibly warm, focused and invested in the mission of our agency. Co-ops develop resources and training manuals to pass down along to the next incoming co-op and they require minimal training. We have had such a great experience that for the first time ever we are hiring a second co-op for the fall semester in 2018 for a brand new position. We are so excited to develop this role.

    AAC has multiple former NEU co-ops working throughout our agency in a range of positions as they have often proven to be excellent additions to our agency.”

    May, 2018

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    ANNA TRIESCHMANN, Associate Director Community Engagement & New Initiatives
    Social Innovation Forum

    ““The Social Innovation Forum has been working with co-ops for many years and each year we are surprised by the new ways the co-ops contribute to our work. Each co-op comes in with energy, passion for our mission, and a drive to learn and that makes them fantastic team members off the bat. But each student also brings their own set of skills, experience, perspective, and ideas that really make then a unique contributor to our team. In addition to their role planning special events or helping to run programs, our coops have brought fantastic skills like photography, graphic design, second and third languages, and more to the team to help in ways that we couldn't have imagined.

    We also find that co-ops bring a fresh external perspective that is valuable in helping us to document processes that we can then use to train new co-ops or new hires to the team. We've benefitted immensely from the additional capacity that a co-op brings but enjoy the program most because of the energy and new ideas that help SIF to improve our work each semester.”

    May 2018

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    KEVIN MAHER, Events Manager
    Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue

    "The Center has worked with Northeastern on the co-op program for more than 16 years now. It has been a wonderful experience for us as a small, local nonprofit to have the chance to work closely with the students of Northeastern. Not only have we had the benefit of the support of the energetic and passionate students in our office, but we've also learned a great deal from the co-ops we have worked with over the years. It's also quite meaningful to watch many of these students get inspired by their time here and go on to do similar work after graduation.

    We have a terrific history of students contributing to our mission and activities. Past co-ops have helped us launch our video program, others have helped tremendously with our social media presence (offering suggestions along the way), and most recently, our co-op helped with all of the groundwork for our newly published podcast. For us, it has been a great program to be associated with over the years. "

    December, 2017

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    BECCA BERKEY, Associate Director & Service-Learning Coordinator
    Northeastern University Center of Community Service

    “As the person who oversees a fairly big program with only two full-time staff members, the 2 co-op students we work with each term have been essential to the continued growth, evolution, success, and sustainability of service-learning at Northeastern.

    While initially I worried about the impact of turnover in 50% of our team every 6 months, I have witnessed the benefit of having new perspectives and input- it keeps our work fresh and relevant. Our co-op students have done everything from planning and running our biggest event, held every semester, to envisioning and reinventing the way our program runs down to our social media and newsletter communication strategies.

    Working with students in this capacity is a truly beneficial learning experience- both for myself and for them, and I look forward to working with them for years to come.”

    June 13, 2014

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