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Employer Testimonials

Please read some testimonials from our employers to see what they like/love about our program.

Testimonials are arranged in reverse chronological order (most recent at top)

  • Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue

  • Philanthropy New York

  • Doorway to Dreams Fund

  • Bridge International Academies
  • United Service Companies
  • Northeastern University - Center of Community Service
  • EPHAS (Every Person Has A Story)

  • Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

  • Yawkey Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury

  • The Economic Club of Washington DC

  • The Environmental Health Fund

  • GLAD- Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders

    KEVIN MAHER, Events Manager
    Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning, and Dialogue

    "The Center has been working with Northeastern on the co-op program for more than 13 years now. It has been a wonderful experience for us as a small, local nonprofit to have the chance to work closely with the students of Northeastern. Not only have we had the benefit of the support of the energetic and passionate students in our office, but we've also learned a great deal from the co-ops we have worked with over the years. It's also quite meaningful to watch many of these students get inspired by their time here and go on to do similar work after graduation.

    We have a terrific history of students contributing to our mission and activities. Past co-ops have helped us launch our video program, others have helped tremendously with our social media presence (offering suggestions along the way), and most recently, our co-op helped with all of the groundwork for our newly published podcast. For us, it has been a great program to be associated with over the years. "

    December 10, 2015

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    KRISTEN RUFF, Vice President, Member Services
    Philanthropy New York

    "Northeastern has proven to be a strong employment partner for Philanthropy New York. The students we've hired are smart, quick to dive into the work, and enthusiastic about what they're learning and contributing through the co-op experience. As a small staffed organization, hiring co-op students has been a cost efficient and effective way for us to expand our capacity and fulfill our mission to serve New York City's philanthropic sector."

    December 1, 2015

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    JOANNA SMITH-RAMANI, Director of Scale Strategies
    Doorway to Dreams Fund

    “As a small national nonprofit, the coop program has been critical in helping us expand our capacity in certain program and administrative areas.  The program provides a pipeline of high-quality talent without the commitment of a salaried employee with benefits. This helps us achieve our mission in a cost-effective way.  The coop program has brought us such great talent, we just hired a prior coop as a full-time employee”

    May 19, 2014

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    ANNIE PINNELL, Project Associate
    Bridge International Academies

    “At Bridge International Academies, we have had a fantastic experience working with co-ops. We have about 20 fellowships at any given time that we're typically looking for recent graduates to fill, but then we decided to consider co-ops as well. At first, we were hesitant to hire fellows who were still undergraduate students, but we have since totally changed our opinion. The co-op students we've worked with have turned out to be highly pleasant, productive members of our team. 

      Though the co-ops are only temporary hires, the fact that there is a steady stream of students coming our way every 6 months means that we are easily able to plan for the transitional period. After having worked with one group of co-ops, it becomes easier to spot skill sets in the next pool of applicants that would allow a co-op to thrive in our workplace.

      We can only offer a stipend of $8,000 per 6 month term, which can be difficult for the recent graduates to make work. In our experience with co-ops, however, the students seem to be open to working with a tighter budget, so long as the job they are doing allows them to grow personally and professionally. We make sure to give them stimulating work that uses skills they have already cultivated as undergraduates, namely writing skills, in order to make it a worthwhile learning experience for the students. By allowing them to contribute to BIA in a meaningful way, we ensure that the co-op experience is rewarding for both the student and for us as the employer.”

    May 19, 2014

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    CHRISTOPHER DAVEY, Area General Manager
    United Service Companies

    “I have been involved with the co-op program since 2005 and I have had great success.  The students are professional, punctual and mid-way thru their co-op they are well on their way to being considered a supervisor or lead.  I would say I look forward to interviewing the potential new co-ops each semester—they energy, excitement and overall attitude makes for a great interview.   

    I still keep in touch with a few of my past co-ops and one specifically has achieved such great success with my company that I continue to rave about her.  I have used my success in the co-op program as a discussion point.   

    Regarding the 6 months—we try to keep the past co-op for an additional month for training.  We also try to have the co-op (who is) leaving (train) his/her replacement for a week.  I also team up with the co-op in the decision making for their replacement.  They know the job, they can relate to the student and it tends to continue the success.”

    May 28, 2014

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    BECCA BERKEY, Associate Director & Service-Learning Coordinator
    Northeastern University Center of Community Service

    “As the person who oversees a fairly big program with only two full-time staff members, the 2 co-op students we work with each term have been essential to the continued growth, evolution, success, and sustainability of service-learning at Northeastern.

    While initially I worried about the impact of turnover in 50% of our team every 6 months, I have witnessed the benefit of having new perspectives and input- it keeps our work fresh and relevant. Our co-op students have done everything from planning and running our biggest event, held every semester, to envisioning and reinventing the way our program runs down to our social media and newsletter communication strategies.

    Working with students in this capacity is a truly beneficial learning experience- both for myself and for them, and I look forward to working with them for years to come.”

    June 13, 2014

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    RYAN ANSIN, Founder
    EPHAS (Every Person Has A Story)

    “Lisa Worsh works with Northeastern University, placing students in the co-op positions of their dreams. With college students wide and often fleeting interests, I cannot imagine this is a very simple job.

    What EPHAS loves about Lisa is not only that she fulfills her students who depend on her for guidance that will actually effect their lives, but that the students she has sent our way are outstanding. Our organization has benefited greatly by Lisa’s ability to match students with the best opportunities for them and, at least in our case, for the organization.

    This semester, Sarah Whitney and Kelsey Katahira have worked tirelessly to increase EPHAS’ footprint and to make sure that we are functioning to the best of our capabilities.

    Today, Sarah, Kelsey (both of whom are staying on!), and I met with our incoming co-op students for the summer/fall and could not be more excited to work together.

    Thank you, Lisa, for making EPHAS a stronger organization through your GREAT decisions.

    The world needs more individuals like Lisa Worsh who are willing to take the time to help others."

    May 22, 2012

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    LAURA TONI HOLSINGER, Manager, Administration & Human Resources
    Big Sister Association of Greater Boston

    “Before having this co-op the work … was dispersed among 3 other staff members. This has allowed for these staff members to focus on their core work with the confidence that these tasks now being done by our co-op will be completed on time and with great quality. We focus on tasks that we can train co-ops on easily and "take back" once their time with us is finished. This minimizes the loss of institutional knowledge when they leave, since their tasks can be picked up by the next staff member or co-op.”

    September 1, 2009

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    Yawkey Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury

    " My favorite part about the program is that my organization is provided with talented and moldable workers who take their co-op very seriously. One strength of the program is that there’s a revolving door of candidates every semester, that way we can always have a position filled in our program here at the club year round. Another strength would be the flexibility of the students. Not only do they do what’s asked of them, but they are not afraid to try new things and go above and beyond when necessary. ”

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    September 1, 2009

    MARY BRADY, Executive Director
    Economic Club of Washington DC

    "The Federal City Council and the Economic Club benefit from the co-op program. As a non profit, it is important to be creative with our budget. The Co-op program saves us dollars. We receive excellent candidate referrals for the position. It's very nice to have young, enthusiastic, workers for a full six months. Even though there is turnover after 6 months, it provides us with good exposure to the public and each intern brings a different set of values to the position. Oftentimes, we stay in touch with the interns as they move through their careers which is very rewarding."

    September 1, 2009

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    JUDITH ROBINSON, Associate Director
    Environmental Health Fund

    "We have worked with the co-op program for two years. Our favorite thing about the co-op program is the intellectual ability and motivation of the students. Our biggest success story is one student who worked for us for a year, then we hired her for summer employment. We then recommended her for placement following graduation at an allied organization. This stands out because we need well trained and motivated people to enter the non-profit environmental health field. "

    September 1, 2009

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    ROBBIE SAMUELS, Special Events Manager
    Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)

    "The 6 months go by fast but I’ve found that I can build on the work that each prior co-op has accomplished by giving them a focused project to work on while they are at GLAD – specifically they’ve been in charge of executing all the tasks related to procuring and displaying a 150+ item silent auction. Since June 2005, when I became Special Events Manager, the total raised from our auctions has more than doubled! This has a lot to do with the support provided by the stellar co-ops we’ve had the good fortune to work with."

    September 1, 2009

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