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The Cooperative Education Program at Northeastern University, also known as "Co-op" is an educational model that provides students with opportunities to alternate periods of academic study and periods of paid, full-time employment related to their academic majors and interests.

For you, the employer, the program offers a continual gateway to enthusiastic employees with developing skills and talents, as well as potential relationships with future colleagues.

This partnership offers you:

Typical costs to employer for 6 month co-op
Hourly Pay
Cost over six months (25 weeks - 35 hrs/wk)

To read more about the benefits of the Co-op Program:


To participate in the Northeastern Co-op Program please fill out the Job Description Form. Please be sure to choose the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and choose my name (Lisa Worsh) so that this request comes directly to me. Thank you!

Dates of Up-coming Co-op Cycles - (dates students will be working/Six-Month Assignments*)

Spring/Summer I, 2017
January 3 (Tuesday) June 30 (Friday)
Summer II/Fall, 2017
July 5 (Wednesday) December 29 (Friday)
Spring/Summer I, 2018
January 3 (Wednesday)

June 29th(Friday)
Summer II/Fall, 2018
July 5 (Thursday) December 28 (Friday)
Spring/Summer I, 2019
January 3 (Thursday)

June 28th (Friday)

* In cases in which the proposed end date falls during the week (i.e. Wednesday), the employer has the option of extending the co-op assignment to the Friday at the end of that week. Each student should confirm the actual end date for his or her co-op assignment with the employer, as well as, with the co-op coordinator.


To see suggested hiring and interviewing timelines (to work within the dates shown above), click here. Good luck and Thank you for your interest!


Please read these frequently asked questions. I would love to help you see if our co-op program can help you!

Thank you for visiting the Employer page. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of more assistance to you.