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Noelle Minter - Class of 2006

Noelle Minter

Noelle Minter

1 co-op: Bronx County District Attorney's Office- Intern- Fall 2004
1 co-op/ international study program: Up With People WorldSmart Leadership Program- Fall 2005

Independent Research Project- Spring 2006- advised by Professor Will Holton Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, minor in Urban Studies and Business Administration (Magna Cum Laude)

I was a Sociology major my entire time at Northeastern and never questioned my decision/ path. I always felt comfortable drawing connections between my major and other academic disciplines.

My first co-op at the District Attorney's Office in Bronx, NY was a great experience. I had the opportunity to read a lot of legal briefs and witness the court experience. I once had the chance to sit at the prosecution's desk during a week-long trial.

I worked in two main units: the investigations/ racketeering division and auto/arson/ and economic crimes. As a result of this unpaid internship I improved my writing skills and became aware of the problems in the senior citizen community.

My following co-op experience was for Up With People. I traveled with an international group of students to Japan and throughout Western Europe. From this I was able to expand my perspective and develop an awareness of international relations.

Since my graduation I have worked over a year for Encore 49, a non-profit residence for formerly homeless and/or mentally ill elderly in New York City. I plan to go back to school for a master's degree in gerontology, to study aging and the aging process.

The best thing about co-op in the sociology department is the variety of opportunities available and the unexpected places they took me.

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