Northeastern University

Jessica Drohan - Class of 2009

Jess Drohan

Why did you choose this major, and does/did it seem like the right major for you? Why?

I chose this major because I knew that researching current controversial issues and the way they influence people in our society would broaden my understanding of different culture as well as understanding other perspectives. Sociology helped me to understand how policies strongly affect the needs of people in society and sociologists can research ways to change or improve policies.

Why did you choose NU? Was/is this the right school for you?

Northeastern was the right school for me because of the large size, diversity, city location and co-op opportunities.

How many co-ops have you completed?


Can you list the companies that you worked at and give a quick synopsis of what you did?

MyGym Children's Fitness Center -Lead Teacher : I taught fitness classes for children ages 6 weeks to 13 years old helping them develop fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, and confidence while maintaining a fit lifestyle through one-hour long classes filled with games, activities, and gymnastics. I gained experience working full-time, learned how to work closely with other staff members as a team, gained greater independence and confidence, and gained a full-time job opportunity after college.

Have you Graduated from NU? If Yes, please let us know what you are doing.

I am currently working full-time for MyGym (my co-op) and planning on going to graduate school for Physical Therapy. The co-op definitely helped me in my career path because incorporating health and fitness in children's lives directed me towards the Physical Therapy field.

Questions Answered as of 06/18/2010