Northeastern University

Jesenia Tejada - Class of 2008

Jesenia Tejada

Jesenia Tejada

-2 Co-ops (Latino/a Student Cultural Center & Bottom Line)
1 internship (Department of Social Services)
2 service-learning trips to Mexico with Lori Gardinier
1 Dialogue of Civilization in Spain

-(Major): Coming in as a freshmen I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I really thought that I would do something like computer engineering or some type of business.

After trying a few courses, and especially with the help of this one course called-Exploring Careers, Choosing a Major-I declared Human Services. I have been very pleased with the many opportunities that this major has brought me. I've had a lot of leeway to be able to do the things I love.

-(Co-op): Both of my co-ops have been great experiences in many ways. My very first co-op was at the Latino/a Student Cultural Center. This co-op didn't necessarily have a lot to do with my major (I was seeking direct services with teens). However, the staff at the LSCC have always been very wonderful and extremely helpful.

Going in for the interview, I was informed that I had been selected as one of their LaCLA (La Comunidad Latina en Accion) scholarship recipients. As their Administrative and Special Projects Assistant, I took part in facilitating many of their annual cultural activities: Cocinar Con Gusto (Cooking Series), Vale Tio Tour (tours the city of Boston and stops at local restaurants), as well as writing and editing their Fall 2005 Newsletter.

This co-op allowed me to meet more Latinos on campus as well as becoming my second home away from home. They are very welcoming to anyone and for whatever help you may be looking for (you don't have to be Latino/a to seek their services). After that co-op experience, I returned as a workstudy for every semester after that.

My second and last co-op at Bottom Line was the perfect opportunity for me to work with Boston high school seniors. I was a College Access Counselor and I helped 44 students with their whole college application process (creating and narrowing students' college list, evaluating their admission chances, brainstorming and revising essays, completing and packaging their applications, as well as preparing them for the financial process).

The students were wonderful and it was amazing to see the connections and bonding that I was able to make with so many of them. At BL I was able to take a sneak peak at what one of the duties of a high school counselor would look like.

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the co-op experiences through NU.

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