Northeastern University

Diane Perez - Class of 2010

Why did you choose this major, and does/did it seem like the right major for you? Why?

I landed in Human Services after doing some "soul searching" with the help of Career Services. Out of the all the programs I had to choose from, HS just seemed to make the most sense for me, and I still feel that way.

Why did you choose NU? Was/is this the right school for you?

I chose NU because of the experience that I would get from participating in Co-op program, and I feel that I made the right choice.

Can you list the companies and give a quick synopsis of what you did?

For my first co-op, I was the Outreach Intern at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM) . There I was responsible for finding and coordinating a number of outreach events, where I would set up a table and hand out PPLM literature and safer sex supplies. I also coordinated with a number of volunteers to help me with the events.

My second co-op was at the Office for Civil Rights Boston, in the US Department of Education. As the Federal Records Trainee, I was responsible for logging, processing, and completing all of the Freedom of Information Act Requests that came through our office. I also worked on several investigations, which involved going on-site, conducting complainant interviews and taking detailed notes.

The experience I gained while on co-op was extremely valuable, especially now with the job market being what it is. I was able to improve on all of my skills and meet some great people in a variety of work settings, which also helped me think about my future career plans.

Did you have any other "learning from outside of the classroom" (service learning, student leadership, study abroad, research, or volunteering) that also enriched your time here?

Yes, I did my service learning requirement as a freshman at the Lynn Historical Society/Museum. It was a very interesting experience because it allowed me to learn about my home town's rich history.

Have you Graduated from NU?

Now that I've graduated, I'm working part-time at Snell Library as an assistant in the Advancement Office. I think that co-op helped because it gave me the opportunity to work in different settings. Combined with all of my work-study experience, co-op gave me a better sense of where I would like to work and what I'd like to be doing. Now, when I think about what direction I'd like to go in next, I can use my co-op experiences as starting point, and go from there.

Questions Answered as of 06/18/2010