Northeastern University

Amy Bates - Class of 2010

Why did you choose this major, and does/did it seem like the right major for you? Why?

It seemed like a natural choice for me since I have been working in non-profits since my first job ever (camp counselor :) ) and I enjoy helping people and interacting with them on a personal level.

Why did you choose NU? Was/is this the right school for you?

I actually transferred to Northeastern specifically for the co-op program and because of all the opportunities for study abroad and community involvement.

Did you complete a co-op? Can you list the companies and give a quick synopsis of what you did?

I did one co-op at AIDS Action Committee (AAC) as the AIDS Hotline Counselor/ Special Projects Assistant.

I LOVED my co-op at AIDS Action Committee as a hotlines intern! I learned so much there and I have now had the chance to get my friends and family involved in education and prevention by participating in AIDS Walk Boston for two years.

Before I started working at AAC, I was not aware of what a big issue HIV/AIDS is not only globally but nationally as well. My concentration is counseling psychology and this co-op gave me wonderful experience to better my counseling skills. I would cousel callers about HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STDs as well as provide referrels to testing sites and information about sexual health.

Starting this internship I knew very little information, but after six months I was confident in my knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The people I worked with were so friendly and dedicated, they really took the time to train me and make sure I felt comfortable answering difficult calls. I can say I honestly enjoyed my entire experience there. I even stayed on to voulunteer for AAC after my co-op was finished!

Did you have any other "learning from outside of the classroom" (service learning, student leadership, study abroad, research, or volunteering) that also enriched your time here?

I did Alternative Spring Break in spring of 2009 with Habitat for Humanity in Fort Smith Arkansas. It was a wonderful experience and I met some great people from the school as well as the community of Fort Smith. I had never done construction before, but that didn't matter we learned everything! And it was so worth it to meet the family whose house we were building and to see how grateful they were.

I also did a study abroad program the spring semester of 2010 at Bond University in Queensland Australia. It was amazing. I would reccommend that everyone study abroad!! This was a great opportunity for me to live and travel across the world, an opportunity I might not have had if I didn't participate in study abroad.

Have you Graduated from NU? If Yes, please let us know what you are doing and if you think your co-ops and experiential education have helped you in your career path. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes!! I currently am working at summer camp after graduation as the Senior Unit Head for the 14-15 year old age group. I am holding off to get a "real job" until the fall when I plan to move to Chicago and start a job search. I wanted to spend the summer being outside and doing something I love! My co-op helped me have a new interest in both public and sexual health. I want to find a job where I will be working with the HIV/AIDS population or providing education about sexual health to teens and adolescents. I have AAC to thank for that! Attached is a picture of me participating in AIDS Walk Boston 2009!! :)

Questions Answered as of 06/23/2010