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The Russel J. Call Children’s Center annual art show and exhibit, December 3rd through January 6th. Reception for the artists and families on December 3rd, 10:00 to 11:30am at the gallery.

Tom Phillips

From a chance encounter in a London thrift store with a Human Document, a Victorian novel by W. H. Mallock, Phillips embarked upon a project which has continued for almost half a century. Altering the text of the original novel in a series of variations, by drawing and overpainting, splicing and collaging, he has generated…Read More

The Multiverse of Identity

Artist, entrepreneur & cultural organizer Favianna Rodriguez is one of the most important visionaries of our time. Favianna is most known for her vibrant posters dealing with global politics, migration, globalization, and women’s rights, however in The Multiverse of Identity, the exhibition at Northeastern’s Gallery 360, features Ms. Rodriguez’s rarely exhibited abstract prints. In this…Read More


Recognized as the leading international journal in women’s and gender studies, Signs: A Journal of Women in Culture and Society, came to Northeastern in January of 2015, after a successful competitive bid by Editor-in-Chief Suzanna Danuta Walters and Chair of the Editorial Board, Carla Kaplan. For forty years, Signs has redefined the forefront of interdisciplinary scholarship by challenging…Read More

First Issue

Whether the subject is FDR’s New Deal or the evolution of Alfred E. Neuman, the stories in the debut issues of these iconic magazines offer an intriguing glimpse into who we were and how far we have come. For example, an advertisement in the February 1930 issue of Fortune extols the benefits of “manufactured weather”…Read More

Holding Pattern

Lisa Lunskaya Gordon Piotr Parda Piotr and Lisa have been working and living side by side since 2002. Holding Pattern reflects their interest in objects and patterns that serendipitously fit together, creating realities that challenge common perceptions. Opening Reception August 6th from 5-7pm


Stratum brings together four female New York artists: Rhia Hurt, Jacqueline Ferrante, Laura Petrovich-Cheney, and Ann Schaumburger. These artists explore the impact of color, layering, and visual abstractness within their works. Stratum presents diverse approaches of abstract visualization by experimenting with color placement, collage, texture and functions to psychologically take the viewer back to the foundation of art-making.  Curated by Jacqueline Ferrante AMD ’13

24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock

The clockwork and décor of the Swiss cuckoo clocks has always been emblematic to the image of Swiss know how and meticulous work. Originally, these small clocks evoked the delightful simplicity of an idealized agrarian life set in an alpine and preserved landscape. Is the Swiss cuckoo clock still this iconic object meant for folklore…Read More

Department of Art + Design Annual Student Exhibit Class of 2015

Art makes life meaningful. Design makes life possible. Together they make life wonderful. Artists and designers experiment with form to realize original, provocative, evocative and innovative ideas. They bring novel ideas to life that replenish cultures, have social benefits and contribute to the global marketplace of ideas. The life of an artist or designer is…Read More

Emerald Networks

Gallery talk and reception with Gina Ford March 24 at 5 pm. Cities whose park systems were designed by historic visionaries are endowed with a legacy of generous, well-connected open spaces. However, the financial pressures facing today’s cities and new thinking about park use can challenge these historic frameworks. Emerald Networks explores how cities are…Read More

Petrochemical America

Photographs by Richard Misrach Throughlines by Kate Orff/SCAPE Petrochemical America represents a unique collaboration between photographer Richard Misrach and landscape architect Kate Orff. It brings into focus the industrialized landscape of the Mississippi River Corridor that stretches from Baton Rouge to New Orleans—a place that first garnered attention as “Cancer Alley” because of unusually high…Read More


Since its inception in the fall of 1978, the Children’s Center has strived to provide the Northeastern University community with high quality childcare.  With a professional staff of educated and experienced teachers and help from college student assistants, the children gain valuable social skills and develop their intellectual and physical abilities through engaging, hands-on projects…Read More


Curated by Resa Blatman Forecasted showcases a variety of inspiring artwork by eight artists. Some of their work speaks directly to themes of climate change and global warming, while for others, it does not. However, all of the artists were invited to present their interpretation of the current global question: what does the future hold…Read More

Reading Time

Data visualization for the public can be a tool for social change; it quantifies and displays information related to politics, health, education, etc. so that its audience is better informed and able to take some kind of action. Drawing on literary and cultural sources, this exhibition of printed work juxtaposes multiple aspects of data visualization…Read More

Figure & Illusion

Arthur Goldberg, CPS’65, has collected art for more than 30 years. At times, he wondered, “Does collecting act as a substitute for my own lack of artistic ability, or is it a license to enter the universal, infinite, and mysterious world of the artist?” He has come to realize that, for him, collecting has been…Read More