Further information regarding Northeastern University's travel policy (booking travel arrangements/negotiated contracts offering discount travel rates) can be found on the Travel website.

Travel and Entertainment

If you are a full time benefit eligible employee who travels and/or entertains for University business purposes, you are qualified with your supervisor’s approval to apply for a no-annual-fee American Express corporate card through the Accounts Payable Department. These cards are to be used for University business only. Please review the American Express tab to determine which American Express Corporate Card fits your needs and access the applications. All reconciliations for these American Express Corporate Card expenses are conducted through the Concur Expense Management System. Please review the Concur Tab for further information.

Alternatively, you can charge travel and related expenses to your own personal credit card. You can obtain reimbursements from the University via Concur Expense Management System located on Accounts Payable will process properly completed reports within 5 business days of their receipt.

All student and or non-employee expense reimbursements may continue submitting their expenses to Accounts Payable on the Expense Reimbursement Voucher.

Grant-related travel

All full time employee Expense Reimbursements for grant-related travel processed through Concur will be automatically submitted to ORAF for review and approval.

Any student and or non-employee Expense Reimbursement Vouchers for grant-related travel need the approval of ORAF (320 RP) prior to submitting to Accounts Payable.

Travel arrangements for non-employees

If, as an administrative staff member, you make travel arrangements for others (job applicants, guest speakers, or students), you may be eligible for an American Express Corporate Card with Travel.  Please review the American Express tab for more detail and to obtain application.

Business Meals

Itemized receipts are recommended for all meals, regardless of cost. They are required for all meals of $75 or more. It is necessary to provide the names of any other Northeastern personnel, student, or outside guest attending. 


The hotel folio that details day-by-day charges (e.g., lodging, meals, taxes, incidentals) and that indicates proof of payment must be submitted.