American Express

Welcome to the Northeastern University Corporate Credit Card Program (NUCard). The NUCard is a procurement tool which offers an alternative to the existing University procurement processes and provides an extremely efficient and effective method of purchasing and paying for goods and services with a value of less than $5,000.

The NUCard concept is designed to delegate authority and capability to quickly and conveniently purchase approved commodities directly from vendors that accept the American Express credit card.

The benefits of the corporate card to you and Northeastern are significant.

Benefits to the Cardholder:

  • Goods and services can be more quickly and easily obtained.
  • Work related to the purchase of and payment for goods and services is significantly reduced.
  • More efficient use of time will enable employees to focus on the value-added aspects of their jobs.

Benefits to the University:

  • Reduces the number of requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and checks.
  • Enables Procurement Services and Accounts Payable to focus on higher yield value-added activities.

The NUCard is designed to be used for purchases related to University business only. Use of the card for personal purchases is strictly prohibited. 

The NUCard can only be used by the individual whose name appears on the card. Cards and card numbers cannot be shared with any other individual.

New NUCard holders are required to complete training prior to receiving the card.  Currently training sessions are transitioning from an in person group style to an online format.  An announcement will be made when the online training is available.  Please contact the NUCard Program Manger at if you have any questions.  

The Procurement Services Department and Accounts Payable are responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the NUCard Program. If you have any questions regarding the program, or the appropriate use of the NUcard, please contact the NUCard Program Manager in Accounts Payable at x.2652.