FAQs & Reminders

Who should apply for a Procurement Card?
Only full-time employees of the University, as designated by Human Resources Management, may be permitted to receive a procurement credit card.

The person responsible for purchasing goods/services for each budget center should apply for a Procard. Procards CANNOT be shared.

Will using the Procard affect my personal credit?
No. This is a University credit card charged to your budget. Your name is on the card for individual use for your department's purchases. Personal information, such as date of birth and social security number, is requested when you apply for the card but this data is required for security reasons and does not tie the Procurement Card to your personal credit rating.

How do I obtain a Procard?
Complete the Procard Application, obtain the proper approvals, and return the form to Accounts Payable. It generally takes about 7 to 10 business days for a card to arrive at our office and when it does the Procard Administrator will send an email informing you that the card has arrived. If this is your first Procard you will need to set up a training session before we can release the Procard. Sessions are about 10-15 minutes long and discuss important policies and procedures related to the program. Any subsequent Procards that you apply for will not require another training session.

Do I need multiple cards for multiple budget centers?
Yes. Each budget center must have its own Procard. This allows accurate record-keeping for each separate budget center and allows corporate card charges to post to accounts daily.

Where does the Procard fit in?
The Procard is the preferred method of payment for ALL goods and services purchases $3,000 and under, EXCEPT for Independent Contractors and Consultants, which need to be with a Purchase Order and Invoice.

The restricted commodity list seems so long, what can I purchase with the ProCard?
The Procard is the preferred method of payment for all goods and services purchases $3,000 and under, EXCEPT for Independent Contractors and Consultants, which need to be with a Purchase Order and Invoice. If the vendor has a central billing agreement in place with the University they bill the University directly, thereby eliminating invoices and purchase orders. Examples of these companies would be Corporate Express and DHL, which explains why both vendors are on the restricted commodity list.

What if the vendor I am using does not accept the Procard?
You can use an Direct Pay Request Form (DPAY).  Attach the invoice that is to be paid, obtain signature approvals and submit to Accounts Payable.  The vendor will be paid via check.

What if am not eligible to use my Procard for travel expenses?
If your Procard is not set up for Travel use, then you can either use a personal credit card to pay for those expenses or enroll in the University's American Express corporate card program. Either way, the Accounts Payable department will issue you a reimbursement check after receiving a completed Expense Reimbursement Voucher. A completed voucher should contain original, itemized receipts. Your check will be mailed within 5 business days.

What do I do if I can not get a receipt for a purchase?
It is strongly recommended that a cardholder attempts to obtain a copy of any missing receipt from a vendor. However, when this alternative fails, a Letter of Affidavit should be provided. Please note that Accounts Payable monitors the use of this kind of reconciliation to ensure that employees do not rely on this option rather than retain original receipts on an ongoing basis. 

My Procard expires soon. How do I obtain a new one?
The Procurement Card Administrator will contact you within 30 days of your card's expiration date to let you know a new card is ready to be picked up. Each cardholder must pick up their own card and will have to sign a new Cardholder Agreement Form at that time. Please remember that your card's annual spending limit is determined by the University's fiscal year and not by the date your card is obtained.

Important Reminders

Procurement Credit Card Security

Only authorized cardholders may use the procurement credit card.The Procurement Credit Card can only be used by the individual whose name appears on the card. Cards and card numbers must be safeguarded against use by unauthorized individuals within or outside the University.

Travel and/or ATM Privileges

  • Employees who travel frequently as part of their core job responsibilities may be eligible for a procurement credit card that has full travel and entertainment (T&E) privileges. Frequent travelers must obtain written approval from the appropriate unit head and Senior Vice President before making a request to the Accounts Payable Office.
  • Travel enabled cards that have limited budget lines and time frames are available in exceptional circumstances. The approval process is the same as for other travel enabled cards.
  • Administrative staff who make travel arrangements for non-employees (job applicants, guest speakers, students) may request authorization to make airline and hotel reservations on their existing procurement credit card. Such staff may not use cards for their own travel. Again, the approval process is the same as for other travel enabled cards.
  • If you reimburse research subjects in cash or have similar special needs, you may be eligible for a Procard with ATM privileges. This type of Procard is authorized for ATM withdrawals for specifically approved purposes only with the approval of the Senior Vice President of the employee's academic area and the Director of Accounts Payable. ATM transactions must be reconciled to the monthly transaction statement and, more importantly, a record of cash expenditures must also be kept and included on a Procard Reconciliation report.

Reconciliation of Receipts
For each Procard purchase cardholders must provide original, itemized receipts for all purchases greater than or equal to $75.00. Reconcile these receipts to the monthly email transaction statements (PVS reports), sign and forward to supervisor/budget officer for approval. Completed reports should be retained with either the cardholder or a central budget officer within the cardholder's department. For all purchases (especially those without receipts) a business purpose should be provided directly on the transaction statement.

About Sales Tax
Northeastern University is a non-profit institution and as such should not be charged sales tax. The tax ID number is imprinted on the front of each Procard and tax exempt certificates are available in the Forms section of this website.

Business Meals
Original, itemized receipts are recommended for all meals, regardless of cost. It is necessary to provide the names of any other Northeastern personnel attending.

Lost or Stolen Procard
It is the responsibility of the cardholder to immediately report a lost or stolen procurement credit card. The University is liable for all transactions until the card is reported lost or stolen. A cardholder must first report a lost or stolen procurement credit card by phone directly to JPMorgan Chase (1-800-316-6056) and then to the Procard Administrator at x.2652 at the time of the occurrence.

Verbal reports of lost or stolen procurement credit cards must be followed in writing to the Procurement Credit Card Administrator using the Lost or Stolen Procurement Card Notification. A replacement card with a new account number will then be sent to Accounts Payable within 7-10 business days. The Procurement Card Administrator will then inform the cardholder that their replacement card has arrived.