Independent Contractor

Massachusetts law concerning Independent Contractors presumes that every individual who provides services to Northeastern University, whether or not he/she is on the Northeastern University payroll is, unless proven otherwise, an employee (M.G.L. c. 149, s. 148B).

The consequences of misclassifying an individual services provider as an Independent Contractor are severe with respect to financial penalties, violation of federal tax and wage requirements, Northeastern University's reputation, and possible individual liability.

When engaging the services of an independent services provider, the following three criteria must all be satisfied to classify the individual as an Independent Contractor:

  • Freedom From Control
  • Work Outside the Usual Scope of the Employer's Business
  • Independent Trade, Occupation or Business

To assure compliance with the law, the University has a process when paying an Independent Contractor/Consultant. 

 To view Northeastern University's Independent Contractor Policy, please see the Policy of the Classification of Independent Contractors. For all Independent Contractors/Consultants questions contact Accounts Payable, Legal Counsel or Procurement Services.