Frequently Asked Questions

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For questions regarding corporate credit cards, please visit the American Express section of this website.

Stop payments:

Question: How do I place a stop payment on a check?

Call Accounts Payable.  We will take the information such as company name, invoice number and amount and place a stop payment on the check. If you want the check reissued, let us know.

Question: How long do I have to wait until I can place a stop payment?

We ask that you wait at least 2 weeks before a stop is placed.

Question: How do I know it went through?

We will call you only if there was a problem placing the stop payment (i.e. the check was already cashed).

Question: How long does it take?

It normally takes 3 to 5 business days to place the stop payment and reissue the check.

Purchase Orders:

Question: When is a purchase order (PO) needed?

A. If you are purchasing goods and services that cost more than $5,000, submit a requisition to Procurement Services.

B. Independent Contractor/Consultants should be paid with a Purchase Order and invoice.

Question: How do I get a PO?

  • Obtain a quote from the vendor.
  • Create a Requisition in Banner which will feed to the Procurement Services.
  • Within 24 to 48 hours, a PO will be created.
  • Place the order with the vendor giving them the PO number.
  • When AP receives the invoice, it will be entered into Banner.
  • Approve teh invoice in Banner. Please note, if the invoice is not approved on line, a check will not generate for payment.

Question: I received a letter stating that my payment is being withheld due to incomplete receiving, what does that mean?

That is to let you know that the amount we have invoiced against your purchase order is more than the amount you have received on-line.

Question: What is "net 35" or "n35"?

It means that our checks will cut 35 days after the date of the invoice.

Goods and Services

A. Goods and services under $5,000

The NUCard should be used to purchase most goods and services under $5,000.


  • Vendors who accept central billing (i.e. office supplies): For a list of these vendors and instructions, please contact Procurement Services at x. 2135.  You can also view this list on their website
  • Vendors who do not accept the NUCard: Use an Direct Pay Request (DPAY) form.
  • Procards should NEVER be used to pay an Independent Contractor/Consultant. This type of vendor should be paid with a Purchase Order and invoice.

 B. Goods and services greater than $5,000

If you are purchasing goods and services that cost more than $5,000, submit a requisition to Procurement Services.

Travel and Related Expenses

Travel and Entertainment
If you travel and/or entertain for University business purposes, you will be eligible to apply for a no-annual-fee American Express corporate card (NUCard) through the Accounts Payable Department. These cards are to be used for University business only.  Alternatively, you can charge travel and related expenses to your own personal credit card and submit for reimbursement via the CONCUR link under the Services & Links tab within myNEU.  To obtain reimbursement from the University if you are not a full-time employee you must complete the Expense Reimbursement Voucher Form. Accounts Payable will process properly completed reimbursement requests within 5 business days of their receipt. Thus, in most cases you will receive reimbursement for travel before your credit card statement is due.

Frequent travel and entertainment
If you travel and/or entertain for University business purposes as part of your core job responsibilities, you may be eligible for a NUCard with travel privileges.  Please contact the Card Services & Systems Training Coordinator at x.2652 for further information.

Travel arrangements for non-employees
If, as an administrative staff member, you make travel arrangements for others (job applicants, guest speakers, or students), you may be eligible for a NUCard with travel privileges.  Please contact the Card Services & Systems Training Coordinator at x.2652 for further information.

Other: Subject reimbursement
If you reimburse research subjects in cash or have similar special needs, you may be eligible for a NUCard with ATM privileges. This type of NUCard is authorized for ATM withdrawals for specifically approved purposes only.  Please contact the Card Services & Training Systems Coordinator at x2652 for further information.

Please note: All applications for NUCards with ATM privileges must be supported by a good track record of corporate card utilization and reporting, a need that merits the additional card features, and approval by your department or unit head, division head and your senior vice president. These cards carry with them responsibility for an increased level of reporting, reconciliation and audit.

Miscellaneous Inquiries

Question: What is a central bill?

Certain companies have contracted with the University to give lower prices or will bill the University directly. Federal Express and Staples are two popular ones. Each department has set up an account with federal express where federal express will "hold onto" the invoices from the departments and submit them all at once. If your department does not have an account, you can call 1-800-GO-FEDEX and set one up. After you receive an account number from FED-EX, please inform AP so we can update our records. Staples is our contracted vendor for office supplies such as paper, pens, tape, etc.  Please visit myMarketplace to make purchases.  

Question: Will you call me to pick up a check instead of mailing it out?

Our policy is that checks are mailed out.  However, we realize there will always be exceptions. Please call Accounts Payable and exceptions will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Question: What is a 1099?

A 1099 Miscellaneous form is sent to all vendors (non-corporation) to whom the university has paid a minimum of $600 for services rendered, awards/scholarships, rent, legal proceeds as well as a minimum of $10 in royalties. There are other categories of payments for 1099 Miscellaneous but the University seldom makes payments for them.

Question: I received a letter saying that my paperwork has been sent to the Payroll office because the payee is on their files. What does that mean? What do I do?

Due to IRS regulations, we must attempt to minimize if not eliminate the number of individuals to whom we issue BOTH a W2 and 1099 form. If the Payroll office has already paid the payee, we must send the paperwork to them to determine if they are going to process a W-2 for the current tax year. If so, payroll will process a check to the payee. Otherwise, the paperwork automatically comes back to AP and we will issue a check. No action is necessary by the department.

Question: A vendor is not located in the United States and is requesting to be paid in their foreign currency? How do I process payment?

Fill out an DPAY form as normal, but make a note on the form that payment is to be made in a foreign currency. Attach an invoice and provide the following international banking information: Vendor Name/Account Holder Name, Vendor Address, Bank Name, Bank Address, Swift Code, IBAN (required in Europe), and/or Account Number. We will then contact our foreign exchange company who will either create a foreign draft or send payment via foreign wire. The charge will show up on your budget report with the name of the vendor you are paying.

Question: Should I be charged sales tax on my purchases?  

The University is a non-profit, tax exempt, institution and should not be charged sales tax. Individuals should present the tax exempt number and/or certificate at the time of purchase. Some online websites, like Amazon, have a tax exempt proogram you can enroll in.  Other vendors may be able to "flag your account."  If a vendor does charge sales tax, it is the responsibility of the employee to request a credit.  This applies to NUCard purchases and personal credit card purchases.  Individuals will not be reimbursed sales tax included in expense reports. 

Question:  Who are the University's preferred vendors?
Preferred vendors (contract suppliers) are ones with whom the University has worked out 'least-cost agreements' that enable the University to get the best prices for goods and services. These vendors should be utilized for all purchases. Contact the Procurement Services or access their web page for an updated list of preferred vendors.

W9(Domestic Payee) and International Supplier Registration (ISR) forms (International Payee):

Question: Do I really need one of these forms for a guest/visitor/candidate's reimbursement?

Yes, a W9 or ISR form is required for all payees who have never been paid in Banner or for whom one of these forms is not on file in AP or Procurement Services.