Direct Payment (DPay)

The purchase of goods and services from outside vendors should normally be accomplished using one of the University’s preferred purchasing methods: (1) myMarketplace, (2) NUCard or (3) Purchase Order. These methods help to ensure that appropriate supplier vetting and approvals are in place prior to the purchase.  This minimizes risk to the University and puts Northeastern in the best possible position to pay vendors in a timely manner.  Click here to view the University’s Procurement Guidelines for more information on the preferred methods of purchasing goods and services.

However, Accounts Payable and Procurement Services have identified some exceptions to the above methods for certain transaction types that are considered low dollar and low risk. In these instances, the Direct Pay (DPay) form can be used to request payment to a known supplier after the invoice has already been received.

These exceptions are listed in the grid below:

Description of Expense  DPay Acceptable 
Accreditation Fees  Yes 
Athletics Books  Yes 
Awards Northeastern Contributions  Yes 
Awards-Upperclassmen  Yes 
Charitable Donations and Foundations (Not for Profit) Yes 
Freight Charges  Yes 
Gasoline  Yes 
Honoraria  Yes 
Insurance Yes 
Parking Expense  Yes 
Performers*  Yes 
Property Rentals  Yes 
Publications-Miscellaneous  Yes 
Referees/Umpires  Yes 
Rents/Leases Yes 
Royalties  Yes 
Speaker Fees  Yes 
Sponsored Program Tuition  Yes 
Universities Yes 


Account codes associated with the above expenses are listed here.