Magnetic Resonance Based Detection of Illicit Materials

Magnetic Resonance Detection of Illicit Materials

  • No ionizing radiation; ultra-low magnetic fields (safe)
  • Ultra-low field NMR and MRI singly or combined with X-ray
    • Robust screening of liquids and gels
    • Single or multiple bottles, incl. 3-1-1 bags
    • High throughput, Tier 3 containers, PD > 95%, PFA < 5%
  • Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance (NQR)
    • Detects 14N containing solid explosives and drugs at 10 cm stand-off (i.e. incl. buried, concealed, surgically implanted)
    • Can be enhanced and combined with our NMR/MRI approaches

Baggage/passenger screening; customs/borders

Project Leader
  • Michelle Espy
    Los Alamos National Lab