Advanced Imaging and Detection of Security Threats using Compressive Sensing

Overview and Technical Approach

  • Imaging algorithms for new low-cost mm-wave imaging for “Standoff” (10-50 m range)
  • Algorithms for “On-The-Move” (1-3 m walk through) concealed body-worn threat detection, including moving body registration

Relevance to the Homeland Security Enterprise

  • Imaging for high throughput, non-invasive, minimal disruption scanning
  • Full body coverage for imaging without interrupting forward steady pedestrian movement
  • Affordable, with minimum number of non-uniform sparse array of Tx/Rx radar modules
Project Leader
  • Jose A.Martinez-Lorenzo
    Research Professor
    Northeastern University

  • Carey M. Rappaport
    Northeastern University

Faculty and Staff Currently Involved in Project
  • Borja Gonzalez-Valdes
    Post Doctorate

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Yolanda Rodriguez-Vaqueiro
    Northeastern University
  • Gregory Allan
    Northeastern University
  • Matthew Nickerson
    Northeastern University