Computational Models and Algorithms for Millimeter Wave Whole Body Scanning for Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT)

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Project Description

The research in the Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) group focuses on studying methods of high resolution nearfield millimeter-wave imaging of concealed dielectric objects in close proximity to the body for security scanning applications. New approaches to improve imaging resolution, distinguish threatening objects and reduce artifacts and false alarms have been conceived, developed and patented. The goal is to provide information that is so clear and unequivocal that actual images need not ever be generated, and that no humans are necessary to distinguish dangerous objects. This work involves both software and hardware, developing computer algorithms to simulate wave propagation and scattering and interpret the resulting observed wave fields, and designing and building mm-wave radar prototype systems with radio frequency electronics to optimize imaging and test the algorithms. Ongoing research pursues both theoretical and experimental imaging optimization, using computationally modeled synthetic data and experimentally derived data.

Project Leader
  • Carey M. Rappaport
    Northeastern University

  • Jose A.Martinez-Lorenzo
    Research Professor
    Northeastern University

  • Borja Gonzalez-Valdes
    Post Doctorate