Multiplexed Mid-Infrared Imaging of Trace Explosives

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Project Description

Explosive residues leave distinct infrared “signatures” that can be detected by illuminating the residues with infrared light. While many scientists have studied these signatures, no technology is readily available that will allow for imaging and detection of the residues in real-world systems.


This project aims to develop technology to enable low-cost and sensitive imaging of explosive residue signatures. This is done by developing semiconductor fabrication techniques to enable commercial infrared laser arrays to be used as illumination sources. We are also developing new imaging techniques and evaluating new detector systems that enable low-cost, high-sensitivity infrared imaging of explosive residue fingerprints. These platforms are designed to be compatible with on-going work characterizing infrared explosive residue signatures.


This platform is modular and can be extended for the rapid development of further advanced screening and detection systems.
Phase 2, Year 3 Annual Report
Project Leader
  • Scott Howard
    Assistant Professor
    University of Notre Dame

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Tahsin Ahmed
    University of Notre Dame
  • David Benirschke
    University of Notre Dame
  • Bruna Liborio
    Duke University
  • Zechariah Pfaffenberger
    Indiana Wesleyan University