Multiplexed Mid-Infrared Imaging of Trace Explosives

Overview and Technical Approach

New widely disparate wavelength sources and imaging modalities are needed to enable mid-infrared explosive imaging and detection platforms

  • Results from Howard lab show promising photonic integration a widely disparate mid-infrared laser sources
  • Developing these new sources and systems provides a new tool for trace detection and imaging
  • Design and implement chemically resolved imaging/detection system

Relevance to Homeland Security Enterprise

  • Imaging of materials (luggage, tickets, passports) commonly occurs at airports. Imaging of vehicles/containers could aid in investigating threats
  • Current technologies do not resolve explosive residue
  • New sources/systems provides new tools for imaging and enables low-cost gas detection platforms
Project Leader
  • Scott Howard
    Assistant Professor
    University of Notre Dame

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Tahsin Ahmed
    University of Notre Dame
  • Genevieve Vigil
    University of Notre Dame