Multi-Functional Nano-Electro-Opto- Mechanical (NEOM) Sensing Platform

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Project Description

This project seeks the development of a new technology platform capable of performing multiple chemical analyses in a miniaturized footprint. We propose to develop an innovative, Nano-Electro-Opto-Mechanical (NEOM) sensing technology platform which integrates, in a small footprint, some of the fundamental chemical analysis typically performed in a chemistry laboratory, such as gravimetric analysis, infrared (IR) spectroscopy and thermal analysis Such a new multi-functional detector technology would enable the implementation of a low-cost, portable field-based analytical tools for rapid and reliable trace detection.

This project addresses the three most important challenges associated with the development of miniaturized nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) sensors suitable for the implementation of portable, field-based analytical tools for rapid and reliable trace detection:

  • High resolution: 100x that of conventional sensor technologies;
  • Transduction efficiency: Efficient on-chip actuation and sensing of vibration in ultra-low volume nanomechanical structures with a unique combination of electrical, mechanical, and optical properties; and
  • Selectivity: Selective detection of a targeted group of chemicals with very low false positive and false negative rates.


By bringing four different sensing elements into a single device, the potential exists for bringing both sensitivity and selectivity to bear on the challenging problem of detecting explosives in complex, real-world environments.
Biennial Review Comment
Project Leader
  • Matteo Rinaldi
    Project Leader

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Yu Hui
  • Zhenyun Qian