Lifetimes and Decomposition Rates of Explosive Gas Ions in Air at Ambient Pressure

Overview and technical approach

  • Lifetimes and rates of decomposition of gas phase ions of explosives have been unreported before these studies leaving a large void in knowledge of properties of explosives.
  • A method and technology to measure ion lifetimes in air at ambient pressure were developed to amass a data base of rate constants for ion decomposition. Such efforts were uniquely developed for behavior of gas ions as found in trace detectors.

Relevance to the Homeland Security Enterprise

  • We are measuring previously unreported properties of explosives which may inform the design and operation of future generations of trace detectors or totally new methods for explosives detection.
  • An end product of this work includes a table of known decomposition products and rates of reactions, available through no other known approach or research team.
Project Leader
  • Gary A. Eiceman
    New Mexico State University

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Maneeshin Rajapakse
    New Mexico State University