Improved Swab Design for Contact Sensing

Overview and Technical Approach

Current swab technology is optimized to survive IMS environment, but not to remove residue from substrates

  • Results in Beaudoin lab indicate that a substantial portion of topography on substrate is not interrogated using current operating methods
  • By understanding the dynamics of residue and swab deformation, we can optimize swab design and operation
  • Seek low-cost solutions that work with existing IMS technology

Relevance to Homeland Security Enterprise

  • Swab-based screening employed at large number of airports worldwide for trace detection purposes
  • Little definitive data on effectiveness of existing method
  • Understanding of swab and residue dynamics will lead to improved performance of existing swabs and production of more effective swabs
Project Leader
  • Stephen P. Beaudoin
    Purdue University

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Johanna Smith
    Purdue University
  • Melissa Sweat
    Purdue University