Theoretical Modeling Considerations

Theoretical modeling to study:

  • Molecular dynamics based approaches to study Tera-Hz spectra of solid and liquid energetic materials
  • Short pulse laser ablation of solid explosives – mechanism for parent molecules ejection
  • Impurities in liquid explosives – sensitivity, detonability and elimination
  • Microscopic details of “hot spot” activity in explosives
  • Metallic, ionic and other impurities in explosives – role in their destruction

Relevance to the Homeland Security Enterprise

  • The spectroscopy studies (first two above) can be used in stand off detection
  • The detonability of impurity concentration in liquid explosives is crucial for their elimination
  • Control of sensitivity of explosives
Project Leader
  • Yehuda Zeiri
    Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Faculty and Staff Currently Involved in Project
  • Ronnie Kosloff
    Hebrew University, Jerusalem