Characterization of Energetic Materials Under Extreme Conditions

Characterize high-pressure properties of energetic materials using diamond anvil cells (DAC)

  • Evaluate detonability of new high explosives (HE)
  • Measure fundamental thermoelastic properties
  • Examine chemical stability and sensitivity
  • Determine crystal structures, phase transitions, and chemical reactions

Provide critical and timely chemical data for new energetic materials

  • Fundamental data for energetic materials libraries and thermochemical models – critical to develop a predictive capability
  • Chemical and spectroscopic methodologies to detect explosives
  • Timely and “small-scale (
Project Leader
  • Choong-Shik Yoo
    Washington State University

Faculty and Staff Currently Involved in Project
  • Minseob Kim
    Post Doctoral
    Washington State University

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Mihindra Dunuwille
    Washington State University
  • Dane Tomasino
  • Young Jay Ryu
    Washington State University