Characterization of Energetic Materials at Extreme Conditions

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Project Description

This project characterizes fundamental thermo-mechanical and chemical data for new energetic materials (EM) of critical and timely importance to the programs in DHS. The project utilizes “small-scale (>1 mg)” samples in DAC to evaluate detonability and sensitivity of newly developed and/or emerging EM. The data obtained from the project is significant for the development of various predictive thermochemical models. The project also develops chemical and spectroscopic methodologies to detect a small quantity of EM and evaluate chemical mechanisms and energetics of energetic reactions.
Energetic chemical processes accompany rapid increases in temperatures and pressures regardless of detonation, deflagration, or slow burning. Thus, fundamental thermochemical data over a wide range of phase space is critical for characterization and mitigation of the associated effects. In this regard, the present project is unique yet relevant to other efforts of the ALERT center, providing high-pressure data of energetic materials in relation to shock sensitivities and detonabilities. Considering the fact that there are numerous energetic materials, and it is impossible to obtain dynamic data for all of them, the present static high-pressure experiments also play an important role as an alternative, timely method to screen existing and newly developed energetic materials prior to more elaborate shock-wave experiments. Furthermore, we emphasize explosive safety concerns in all of the ALERT efforts. The use of small samples in the present DAC experiments is a convenient way of testing new EM without incurring safety concerns associated with large-scale synthesis.

Project Leader
  • Choong-Shik Yoo
    Washington State University

Faculty and Staff Currently Involved in Project
  • Minseob Kim
    Post Doctoral
    Washington State University

Students Currently Involved in Project
  • Mihindra Dunuwille
    Washington State University
  • Dane Tomasino
  • Young Jay Ryu
    Washington State University