Education Programs

It is widely recognized that the US needs to put more emphasis on providing a workforce pipeline into the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The development of the ALERT education program was guided by the need to provide a meaningful impact on the communities of university students, K-14 students and their teachers, first responders, and career professionals who will be important contributors to DHS and to the success of its critical mission.

In addition to developing the next generation of fundamental research advances, the ALERT team of educational institutions addresses the strong and continuing need for personnel trained in Department of Homeland Security technologies.


The ALERT Education Program initiatives are focused on the following areas:

  • University Graduate and Undergraduate Programs;
  • Professional Development Programs and Short Courses for DHS Professionals and First Responders; and
  • K-12 and Community College Awareness and Involvement.


One of our main goals in developing this program was to build awareness of the ALERT and DHS missions within the communities we work with through innovative programs such as the undergraduate “High- Tech Tools and Toys” (HTT&TL) laboratories.  The HTT&TL modules have also been adapted to be useful outreach and instructional vehicles for the community college and K-12 classrooms. We also stress the importance of successful strategies to draw underrepresented minorities and women into engineering majors related to DHS and ALERT areas of interest.

REU students get hands-on experience

Our REU program gets students in the lab as soon as their first year in college. Students work on active ALERT research projects as part of this 10-week summer program.

Innovation Fast Track

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Student Central

Students, get connected with Industry Partners, find out about research and volunteer opportunities within ALERT, or get advice on how to best showcase your work at Student Central.

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The Partnership

ALERT is led by Northeastern University (NEU) and includes three key academic strategic partners: Boston University, Purdue University, and University of Rhode Island (URI).

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