Project Karman Partnership   Recently updated !

The Northeastern Karman team has recently partnered with Triton Space Technologies and RCS Rocket Motor Components (RCS), to test with a new method of doing head end ignition on rocket motors. The following is a press release from Triton Space Technologies: TRITON SPACE HELPS NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY WITH THEIR 100 KM PROJECT “Triton Space Technologies is […]



Project Karman Making Headlines!

Shout out to Project Karman for being breaking news as they try and break into space! Check out the Project Karman expose here!

Sign Up for Intro to Rockets!

REGISTER HERE Registration opens at 9PM on Tuesday, September 20th! In this 8-week program you will meet once a week with your team to design and build your own rocket! This project culminates in your team launching its rocket and competing for bragging rights if your rocket wins the target altitude battle! Register for one of the three weekly sessions in 244 Forsyth: Tuesday 6PM […]

Intro rocket primed for launch


AIAA Northeastern Fixed Wing’s Completes First Successful Launch

AIAA Northeastern Fixed Wing’s first plane, “The Optional Step,” completed its first successful flight on Saturday, April 9, 2016! This has been a long time coming; design complications have meant this plane took over a year to construct. The flight took place at the 495th R/C Squadron’s field in Tewksbury, MA. The Squadron’s president, John […]

NASA Student Launch Team Performs Second Successful Full Scale Launch

Congratulations once again to the AIAA Northeastern NASA Student Launch team! On March 26th, the team completed their second successful full scale launch in preparation for the Student Launch competition in April. Check out and share the pictures below (and this great video from our Facebook page!) to spread the word about AIAA Northeastern’s upcoming […]