What is STRIDE?

STRIDE stands for Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence.

Northeastern University is adapted from the University of Michigan STRIDE Recruitment Committee to support search committees in the search and hiring processes.

The STRIDE Committee is a team of NU faculty who aim to increase faculty diversity by diversifying applicant pools and understanding implicit biases in evaluation procedures. The STRIDE Committee holds workshops for faculty search committee members every fall. More information about scheduling workshops is available here.

  STRIDE Presentation

  STRIDE Brochure

An extensive review of research was done by STRIDE members when developing the faculty search workshop.

  The STRIDE Reading List

 width= The STRIDE committee is composed of distinguished senior faculty members who are highly respected in their fields and at Northeastern University.


Committee Members

 Ramiro Martinez icon  Carla Mattos icon  Sundaram_Rajaraman
 Mark Williams icon  Miriam Leeser

*listed from top left to bottom right

Ramiro Martinez, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Carla Mattos, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Rajmohan Rajaraman, Professor of Computer and Information Science

Mark Williams, Professor of Physics

Miriam Leeser, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering


Jackie Isaacs,

Professor of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Associate Director, Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing

ADVANCE Co-Principal Investigator

 Jacqueline Isaacs



Past Committee Members

 GEORGE ADAMS icon  Dana Brooks icon  Agnes Chan icon  Barry Chung icon
 Max Diem icon  luis falcon icon  Nederland. Waalre. 15 december 2012. Portret Ineke Haen Marshall  Uta Poiger
 sanjeev-mukerjee icon  Kathrin Zippel icon  Craig Ferris icon

*listed from top left to bottom right

George Adams, Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Dana Brooks, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Agnes Chan, Professor of Computer Science

Barry Chung, Professor of Counseling Psychology

Max Diem, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Luis Falcon, Dean of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at UMass Lowell

Ineke Marshall, Professor of Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice

Uta Poiger, Department Chair and Professor of History

Sanjeeve Mukerjee, Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Kathrin Zippel, Professor of Sociology

Craig Ferris, Director of the Center for Translational Imaging