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Rebecca Carrier advances drug delivery

Scientists and doctors have long known that food digestion affects the way the body absorbs not just nutrients, but also drugs. Fat molecules, in particular, can help people absorb drugs, including oral chemotherapy treatments, more efficiently.

What we have yet to discover are the details of this process that would enable doctors to fine-tune drug dosages, minimize side effects, and make drug delivery more efficient. But Carrier may soon be able to start filling in those knowledge gaps.

Heather Clark unlocks the brain’s chemistry

Clark is a leading researcher in the field of nanosensors, and she is applying her expertise to reveal what has eluded generations of scientists: how, exactly, do the chemicals in our brains interact to generate emotions, thoughts, memories, and actions? […]


Carol Livermore integrates origami into tissue engineering research

Carol Livermore smAssociate professor Carol Livermore is incorporating origami into her science research—specifically, as it relates to tissue engineering […]



Nadine Aubry named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

Nadine AubryNadine Aubry, Uni­ver­sity Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor and dean of the Col­lege of Engi­neering, has been named a Fellow of the National Academy of Inven­tors. A member of the National Academy of Engi­neering, Aubry is a glob­ally rec­og­nized leader in the field of mechan­ical engi­neering, par­tic­u­larly fluid mechanics.

Elec­tion to NAI Fellow status is a high pro­fes­sional dis­tinc­tion accorded to inven­tors “who have demon­strated a highly pro­lific spirit of inno­va­tion in cre­ating or facil­i­tating out­standing inven­tions that have made a tan­gible impact on quality of life, eco­nomic devel­op­ment, and the wel­fare of society.”

Iris Berent discovers new twist on mind-​​body connection through language study

Brent, IrisNew research from North­eastern pro­fessor of psy­chology Iris Berent and her col­leagues indi­cates that lan­guage and motor sys­tems are intri­cately linked—though not in the way that has been widely believed.

Spoken lan­guages express words by sound pat­terns, some of which are pre­ferred to others. For instance, the sound pat­tern “blog” is pre­ferred to “lbog” in Eng­lish as well as many other lan­guages. The researchers wanted to know what accounts for such preferences—specifically, whether they reflect abstract rules of lan­guage in the brain, or if upon hearing speech people attempt to sim­u­late how those sounds are pro­duced by the speech motor system.

Suzanna Walters Named Editor-in-Chief of Signs: Journal of Women in Cul­ture and Society

SIGNS Journal Reception

North­eastern Uni­ver­sity recently hosted a recep­tion to cel­e­brate the arrival of the leading inter­na­tional journal in women’s and gender studies, which will be based in the Col­lege of Social Sci­ences and Human­i­ties for the next five years. Signs: Journal of Women in Cul­ture and Society pub­lishes path-​​breaking arti­cles, review essays, com­par­a­tive per­spec­tives, and ret­ro­spec­tives on gender, race, cul­ture, class, nation, and sexuality….

Magy Seif El-Nasr’s Virtual Personality Assessment Laboratory

Magy Seif El-NasrYou wake up among strangers, memory gone, not knowing who or where you are. But you learn quickly that you are in the home of the mayor of a nondescript town threatened by a vicious biker gang. The mayor implores you to get rid of them in any way you choose. You can use force, deception, bribery, or persuasion, get others to do it, or even opt to join the gang. That choice and dozens of others are not life-or-death decisions—not in this video-game landscape…


Sarah Jackson and Amy Farrell on Understanding Ferguson

jackson, sarahAmy Farrell, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice and Sarah Jackson, an assistant professor of communication studies, participated in a panel discussion about the ongoing social and political unrest in Ferguson, Missouri in the Curry Student Center Ballroom on Wednesday night. 

Bar­bara Guthrie Talks on Educating Tomorrow’s Nursing Leaders

Barbara GuthrieNew professor of nursing Barbara Guthrie has come to Northeastern with the goal of preparing the next generation of nursing scientists and continuing her work to support under-served communities.

Jennifer Dy On ‘How Does Marine Life Survive Climate Extremes?’

Jennifer Dy, Dana BrooksAn interdisciplinary team of researchers at Northeastern University will use a National Science Foundation grant to examine organisms in the Gulf of Maine and develop new methods for marine ecologists to study how the organisms respond to climate extremes. The team includes principal investigator, Jennifer Dy, asso­ciate pro­fessor in the Depart­ment of Elec­trical and Com­puter Engi­neering