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Carla Brodley Appointed Dean of the College of Computer and Information Science

“A leader in com­puting research, Dr. Brodley’s achieve­ments have con­tributed greatly to the advance­ment of the changing field of com­puter sci­ence,” said Stephen W. Director, provost and senior vice pres­i­dent for aca­d­emic affairs. “An accom­plished leader and scholar, she will take Northeastern’s lead­er­ship in com­puter sci­ence to the next level-​​both within and beyond CCIS.”

Dagmar Sternad Talks on The Wonder of Human Movement

North­eastern pro­fessor Dagmar Sternad received the 50th annual Robert D. Klein Uni­ver­sity Lec­turer Award on Tuesday and dis­cussed her inter­dis­ci­pli­nary research on how the brain con­trols the human body.

Ningfan Mi Talks on Computing’s Invisible Challenge

Assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering Ningfan Mi was recently named one of 42 recipients of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Award. She plans to use this award to figure out a better way to manage the vast amount of infor­ma­tion sharing that takes place online—and push that mas­sive tech­nical chal­lenge even fur­ther into the back­ground for end users.

Law professor, Margaret Burnham, Honored as ‘Living Legend’

Burnham, Margaret- Picture- FinalNortheastern University law professor Margaret Burnham was recognized by the Museum of African American History for her work as a civil rights lawyer, educator, and activist, as well as for being the first African American woman to serve in the Massachusetts judiciary.

Tania Konry Talks on When Smaller is Better

Koudry, Tania- Picture-finalAssistant professor of pharmaceutical science Tania Konry is developing new testing platforms to make her revolutionary ScanDrop system relevant for a host of diagnostic and research applications.

Lisa Feldman Bar­rett Talks ‘Your Face Says It All? Not So Fast’

Barrett, Lisa 2 FinalIt’s a con­cept that had become uni­ver­sally under­stood: humans expe­ri­ence six basic emotions—happiness, sad­ness, anger, fear, dis­gust, and surprise—and use the same set of facial move­ments to express them. What’s more, we can rec­og­nize emo­tions on another’s face, whether that person hails from Boston or Borneo.

The only problem with this con­cept, according to North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Psy­chology Lisa Feldman Bar­rett, is that it isn’t true at all.

A VAST Solution for Airport Security

Camps, Octavia- Picture-FinalElectrical and computer engineer professor, Octavia Camps, ALERT consultant and director of Breast Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital, Richard Moore, professor and ALERT director Michael Silevitch and John Beaty, Director of Technology at ALERT Advanced video analytics technology developed by researchers in Northeastern’s ALERT Center, help TSA agents make better use of data collected by surveillance cameras at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Lisa Feldman’s Lab and 3Qs: A Crazy Little Drug Called Love

Barret, Lisa Feldman- Picture- FinalLisa Feldman Bar­rett com­piled data that sci­en­tists have col­lected over the years, con­firming that yes, love is indeed a kind of drug. Shir Atzil, a post­doc­toral research asso­ciate in Barrett’s lab, explains the findings.

Eno Ebong on Questions of the Heart

Ebong, Eno- Picture FinalNortheastern researchers are investigating the heart from a variety of perspectives. Assis­tant pro­fessor of chem­ical engi­neering Eno Ebong implies that if the heart muscle were a tree, then she would be inter­ested in its vas­cular roots. In par­tic­ular, she’s inves­ti­gating how blood vessel plaque growth—a pre­cursor to heart attack—can be con­trolled by rein­forcing the pro­tec­tive sugar coat, called the gly­co­calyx, that lines our blood ves­sels.

Lisa Feldman Barrett and Magy Seif El-​​Nasr on ‘Your iPhone Gets Emotional’

Barret, Lisa Feldman and El-Nasr, Magy Seif- PictureVir­tual humans, rela­tional robots, brain imaging devices, and mobile eye-​​tracking tech­nolo­gies were among the inno­v­a­tive research projects high­lighted at a day­long con­fer­ence at North­eastern that explored the inter­sec­tion of emo­tion sci­ence and technology. The minds behind most of these projects dis­cussed their research throughout the day during panel dis­cus­sions with experts from a range of dis­ci­plines including game design, psy­chology, and health sciences.