What is ReDI?

ReDI stands for Research Leadership Development Initiative.

An integral part of NU ADVANCE’s strategy is leadership development.  The Research Leadership Development Initiative (ReDI) was created as part of the overall University faculty leadership IMG_0304development program which also includes:

  • Presidential leadership program for current administrators
  • Provostial leadership program for rising academic leaders
  • Research leadership for mid-career faculty researchers (ReDI)

Northeastern University’s Senior Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education, Mel Burnstein, is co-sponsoring ReDI.

ReDI was developed through conversations with existing center directors, research leaders, department chairs, deans, staff in the Gordon Leadership Program, and potential participants.  Through these conversations, it was revealed, first and foremost, a concern about the succession of leadership in the existing Northeastern centers.  These conversations also revealed a number of common characteristics or required skills, independent of discipline or field, to be successful as a center and/or research director.  These common characteristics include:

  • The ability to value, identify, develop and sustain partnerships with other organizations including academic, industrial, or not for profit.
  • The ability to develop a common vision across groups and communicate it effectively.
  • The ability to recognize the need for mentorship, team building, team dynamics.


Goals of ReDI


  1. Create a cohort of faculty, with a strong representation of women faculty, prepared to take on significant research leadership roles.
  2. Provide development activities that help participants recognize the importance of leadership and associated management skills within their own growing research groups and collaborations.
  3. Provide an opportunity to acquire and exercise key leadership and management skills.


2014-2015 Schedule


The 2014-2015 academic year program will include interactive workshops that include presentations by knowledge experts, an invited guest who shares pertinent experiences to highlight the particular skill of discussion, and activities prior to each workshop that enable participants to engage with each topic.  Twelve faculty from across Northeastern are currently participating in the 2014-2015 academic year program.  We plan to offer the program beginning each fall to similar sized groups of faculty.


Application Process

With the consent of the faculty member, chairs and college deans may nominate early full professors and associate professors who have demonstrated strong research records. Nominations and the selection process take place during the summer prior to the beginning of the program.