Networking Events 2008-2009

Summer 2009

Navigating the Pre-Tenure Years
Date: 20 May 2009
Description: Come meet with recently tenured faculty and share experience on how to navigate and manage choices in the years before the tenure review.

Supporting Research with Different Funding Mechanisms
Date: 22 June 2009
Description: Faculty who have funded their research through NIH, NSF, and private foundations will share their experience and strategies for finding funding opportunities and writing, strengthening, and securing funding for their research proposals

Panel on Work-Life Balance
Date: 20 July 2009
Description: Faculty will share their experience and strategies for balancing their career and family life, including strategies for childcare

Research Interest Exchange and Presentation Critique
Date: 12 August 2009
Description: Meet faculty in complimentary research areas, learn to more effectively communicate your research area, and initiate discussion of interdisciplinary collaborations through this research exchange. Based on the RSVP, faculty will be paired in groups of 4 and have 10 minutes each to share their research focus and obtain feedback and questions from their group on clarifying and sharpening their research pitch.

For more information on these workshops, please feel free to contact Carolyn Lee-Parsons.