The Honors Program establishes connections built 
on a set of shared values: interdisciplinary thinking, a willingness to accept challenges both inside and outside of the classroom, the development of a global mindset, and the commitment to community.

Students in the program are expected to be active participants in the Honors Community; be it through Honors Curriculum, undergraduate research, global opportunities, community service, special events, advising and Honors in the Discipline.

Honors education at Northeastern University will empower you to chart a unique academic course that will challenge you to think across disciplines, take risks, increase global perspective, and promote opportunities for creative expression and critical thinking. We expect that you will take full advantage of our rich and engaging curriculum and become a fully integrated member of our community. We work collaboratively to engage you through resources within the program, as well as the larger Northeastern community and beyond.

Through Honors Welcome Week, the First Year Inquiry Series, Advising Resources, the Honors e-Portfolio, and our Living Learning Community, students become connected to one another, supported on their academic and personal journey, and frame their own vision of becoming successful as they study and live with other Honors students.

The Honors experience is characterized by outstanding faculty, innovative curriculum and engaged students. Each of these three components work together synergistically to produce a unique learning environment. Faculty-designed courses for Honors include the First Year Inquiry Series with its emphasis on meeting NU CORE requirements through a global lens and the upper-class Interdisciplinary Seminars series with its challenging topics and lively exchanges inspired by a graduate class model. Both offer faculty and students the chance to meet and work together in customized courses.

How to Enroll in the University Honors Program

To complete your enrollment in the University Honors Program, you must submit the University Honors Program Agreement through your myNEU Admitted Student Portal.
 You will not be enrolled in the Honors Program until this form is received.

University Honors Community

The University Honors Program at Northeastern reaches beyond the classroom. In addition to demanding and challenging academic opportunities, you will be connected to an active community of thinkers committed to making a difference. The Honors Program opens doors to exciting cultural events, makes important contributions to the Boston community, and provides the opportunity to take a leadership role starting within Honors and moving forward beyond the university.

Regular programming such as the Honors Arts and Cultural Initiative, Honors Evening which showcases Honors in the Discipline Projects, and experiential living learning opportunities add depth and breadth to your undergraduate years.

Honors First Year Inquiry Series

The Honors Program First Year Inquiry Series establishes connections built on a set of shared values: interdisciplinary thinking, a willingness to accept challenges both inside and outside the classroom, the development of a global mindset, and the commitment to community. These classes are for first year honors students only.

Honors e-Portfolio

All first-year students are guided through the development of an e-Portfolio. This digital tool is a way to integrate your Honors experience across your years on campus, reflect on the different opportunities of classroom and experiential learning afforded by your time here at Northeastern, and represent yourself and your work in a meaningful way. The e-Portfolio will become the basis for tracing your educational arc—tying together your earliest work in Honors, your work in your major, your upper-class capstone, and your experiential and global experiences.

Living Learning Community

All incoming Honors students are part of the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) housed in International Village and linked to the Faculty-in-Residence initiative. The LLC’s Faculty In Residence and staff help create connections to broaden social, cultural, and community service opportunities on campus and beyond. All of these opportunities are grounded within the larger commitment to support and facilitate educational challenge and excellence.

Honors Program Advising

The goal of Honors advising is to guide and support students through their years at Northeastern, help students to become connected to resources and opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, and to be a consistent source of support during the undergraduate experience. Honors advisers connect with students to empower them to make the most of their time at Northeastern University. In the Honors Program, we advise students in ways that will assist them in having a rich and well-rounded undergraduate experience.

All first-year students meet with an Honors adviser
 in both the fall and spring to discuss their academic plan. Upperclass students meet with an Honors adviser to discuss academic and other issues including undergraduate research, leadership development, and global opportunities.

Upperclass Opportunities

Upperclass students in the University Honors Program choose from a wide range of Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars as part of their advanced Honors work. They often participate in undergraduate research opportunities and complete their college requirements for Honors in the Discipline. They may also volunteer as Honors Ambassadors, Honors Teaching Assistants, and Honors Mentors. These and other Honors opportunities serve as a platform for the exciting and individualized experiences our students seek out as they advance through their undergraduate experience.

Global Opportunities in Honors

Honors students can choose to participate in unique interdisciplinary courses with embedded international trips, Honors specific Dialogue of Civilization Programs during the summer terms, as well as Alternative Spring Break programs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Honors courses differ from regular courses at Northeastern?

Honors courses often feature smaller class sizes and in-depth discussions of course content frequently linked to research activities. Our Honors First Year Inquiry Series offers specialized interdisciplinary courses that also fulfill Northeastern’s core requirements.

Are Honors students required to do a thesis or research project in order to graduate?

The Honors in the Discipline Project is not a requirement, but it is highly encouraged. Each college has specific requirements for Honors in the Discipline, and students should consult with an Honors adviser or college Honors liaison for details. A student who completes a project successfully according to college requirements will receive Honors in their respective discipline upon graduating.

Where are Honors students placed for housing during their first year?

First-year Honors students live in the Honors Living Learning Community in International Village. International Village is a supportive community, where students have the opportunity to live and study with fellow honors scholars and our two Faculty in Residence.