Once a student submits an application, they will receive one of the following admissions decisions:

Students applying for admission may apply one of the following ways:

Early Decision

Choose Early Decision if Northeastern is your number one choice and you are committed to attending Northeastern if admitted. Early Decision is ideal for students who are confident that Northeastern is the right academic, social, and financial fit for them.

Early Decision is binding—if you are admitted, you are committed to attending and withdrawing all applications from other institutions. You will be notified of your decision online by December 15.

Early Decision Deadlines: 

Applicant Deadline: November 1
CSS Profile Deadline: November 15
FAFSA Deadline: February 15
Deposit Deadline: January 15

Early Action

Choose Early Action if Northeastern is a top choice and you feel that you can put your best foot forward at this earlier date, since the Admissions Committee will not see senior year grades or late fall standardized testing. 

Early Action is non-binding—you will be notified of your decision online by December 31.

Early Action Deadlines: 

Applicant Deadline: November 1
CSS Profile Deadline: December 1
FAFSA Deadline: February 15
Deposit Deadline: May 1

Regular Decision

Choose Regular Decision if you would like the Admissions Committee to review information from the first semester of your senior year and have additional time to put the finishing touches on your application. 

Regular Decision is non-binding. You will be notified of your decision online by April 1.

Regular Decision Deadlines: 

Applicant Deadline: January 1
CSS Profile Deadline: February 15
FAFSA Deadline: February 15
Deposit Deadline: May 1

Information for Transfer Students

Fall Admission for Transfer Students

Transfer decisions are non-binding and are released online by June 15.

Transfer students cannot apply to the following colleges/majors for Fall 2015:

  • College of Engineering (all majors) 
  • Physical Therapy
  • Undeclared 

Transfer Deadlines: 

Applicant Deadline: April 1
CSS Profile Deadline: May 1
FAFSA Deadline: May 1 
Deposit Deadline: Rolling based on decision release. 

Note: Northeastern releases admissions decisions online. Make sure your email address is updated in our system.