Living Learning Communities

Incoming freshman choose from more than a dozen Living Learning Communities. If you are requesting a roommate, please sure request is mutual and you both select the same LLC preferences.

Thematic and college affiliated LLCs are open to all majors so you have the opportunity to explore your interests.

Bouvé College

Do you want to be a leader in the field of health care?  The Bouvé College of Health Sciences LLC is for you!  Uniting students from many majors – including: Physical Therapy, Nursing, Health Sciences and Pharmacy – the Bouvé College LLC provides a unique interdisciplinary learning experience.  In the modern field of health care, practitioners work very closely in a team setting across multiple disciplines; and this LLC allows you to gain an intimate understanding of this complex but exciting environment.  Additionally, you will have the opportunity to interact with faculty members through the Faculty Dinner Series, and receive the academic support you need to assist you with your challenging course load.


For those who want to pursue allopathic (MD), osteopathic, dental, optometry, podiatric, or veterinary medical careers—this is the community for you!  The Pre-Health LLC focuses on educating its students about the diverse career options in medicine, showcasing the broad array of professional paths.  While living in this academically supportive environment, you will have a direct connection to the Pre-Health program and receive the guidance you need to prepare for graduate school and beyond.

College of Computer & Information Science (CCIS)

If you’re looking for an LLC that is focused on creating a community outside of hard drives, programming, and C++ scripts, then look no further than the College of Computer & Information Science (CCIS) LLC!  Combining computer science with real world applications, this LLC will explore the history and modern advances of computer technology and will allow students to explore how these improvements have changed the world.  In this community you will engage with faculty whom are on the cutting edge of their fields, learn about innovative careers in the computer science industry, and live in a socially supportive environment.

College of Engineering

Are you looking for an opportunity to apply your knowledge of math, science and engineering to real world problems and put your ideas into action?  Then the College of Engineering LLC is for you!  Whether it’s through an engineering tour of Boston or engineering competitions in the residence halls, this LLC will provide you with hands-on experience that allows you to apply the skills you’ve learned in the classroom to real life.  Living in this community will afford you the opportunity to enjoy events customized to various engineering specialties – including: civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, and industrial engineering – and will allow you to connect with faculty on a regular basis.  Additionally, weekly tutoring and review sessions are available to assist with your challenging academic course load.

Connections (for Female Engineering Students)

For female students that are interested in the field of Engineering and looking for an opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of young women with similar academic pursuits, this is the LLC for you!  The Connections LLC will allow you to develop academic and social support networks, and will connect you to quality mentors in your field.  In addition to being part of all of the events and experiences of the College of Engineering LLC, Connections will provide you with a unique community where you will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and successes experienced by women engineers in this exciting and innovative industry.

Political Engagement and the Urban Society
If you’re interested in getting to know your local and national community, and immersing yourself in a little dialogue and debate in your residence hall, then this is the LLC for you!  Living in the Political Engagement and the Urban Society LLC will challenge you to examine the misfortune of underrepresented groups in urban areas, contemplate reform options, and explore how you can make a difference.  You will also have the opportunity to look at invisible divisions that plague American cities and discuss possible solutions to build a more cohesive community.  As part of this exploration, you will be encouraged to participate in student government, Hall Council and community activist groups.

NU Journeys (Undeclared Students)

College is a time for exploration; so if you’re still undecided about your major, consider the NU Journeys LLC your new home!  This community will help you identify your strengths, interests, and possible career paths – all steps toward settling into a major that is right for you.  In addition to visits from Career Services and co-op panels, you will have the opportunity to work closely with the Program for Undeclared Students, Advisors, Peer Mentors, and Residential Life Staff to help you discover the right academic journey for you.

Global Frontiers

At Northeastern we are proud to call ourselves a global university, full of diverse cultures, religions, and ideologies.  If you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of your own culture and that of students around you, then this is the LLC for you!  Through programs like international pop music night, ethnic cooking demonstrations, and cultural excursions around Boston, you’ll become a more globally minded citizen.  This enriching experience will make students more comfortable with world travel, and will prepare you for study abroad, Dialogue of Civilizations, or international co-op.

Community Service

Living in the Community Service LLC is a great opportunity for you to give back to the community and make a difference. In this LLC, you will have the opportunity to develop plans to improve your residential and local community through a collaborative effort with the Center of Community Service.  You will be encouraged to design, create, and implement your own service projects and have the opportunity to take part in established philanthropic programs.  Each year we partner with more than 200 local organizations dedicated to a variety of causes, including: public health, education, environmental justice, and youth recreation. 

Living Green
Is living a sustainable lifestyle important to you?  Do you want to inspire others to do the same?  Then go green and put your passion into action with the Living Green LLC!  This is the LEED Gold Standard of LLCs, and home to students that believe it is important to live a low-impact life.  Focusing on architecture, engineering, environmental science, and urban studies, students from all disciplines will come together to problem-solve and brainstorm sustainable solutions for our modern world.  You will have the opportunity to meet with faculty and staff, and will learn about a variety of cutting edge topics including: energy consumption, composting, recycling, and food justice. 


Do you want to expand your perspective by living with a group of students from different majors, interests, and backgrounds?  Then Fusion is the home for you!  In the Fusion LLC, you will have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of your peers, as well as from a dynamic cross-section of interdisciplinary faculty members at Northeastern.  Through thoughtful conversation and reflective moments with your fellow first-year students, you will seek a holistic understanding of your collegiate experience.

inNUvate (College of Science)

For students looking to explore, discover, and revolutionize; the inNUvate LLC is for you!  In this community, you will be challenged to expand your academic horizons and will become part of the cutting edge world of the sciences.  Whether it is through the world of biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, or other science disciplines, this LLC will encourage you to explore your passions.  Academic support, faculty interactions, co-op and research panels, and your own inspiring application of knowledge are all part of the inNUvate experience.  In collaboration with the College of Science, you will be afforded the unique opportunity to learn from peers in other fields of study, and together you will become more informed members of the science community.

Creative Expressions

If you have a passion for art, in its many mediums, consider joining the Creative Expressions LLC.  This community affords students the opportunity to explore the many forms of creative expression and how these artistic methods can be conveyed.  Whether this is your future career path, deepest passion, or budding hobby, join us on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression.  Find your niche in one of our Creative Expressions families:

From Novel to Big Screen

Interested in how a classic novel is turned into a box office hit? Novel to Big Screen looks to unite students who share interest in reading, writing, media, and production to create an all-encompassing environment where students can learn what happens behind the scenes.  Programming will include film screening, discussions with faculty, and production analysis.  Living in this community, you will gain a deeper appreciation for media arts, and will have the opportunity to recognize career paths that fit your passion for literature and cinema.

Written Word

Express yourself through lyrical prose and artful alliteration by participating in the Written Word track. This community is home to aspiring authors, poets, and lovers of literary arts.  Whether you are looking for someone to critique your latest work or want to deconstruct Hemingway’s prose during a faculty dinner, you will thrive in this wildly creative and supportive environment.

Musical Motifs

If your soul has a rhythm you just can’t turn off consider, Musical Motifs community. Whether you play an instrument, compose music, sing, or simply enjoy listening, you will find your place in this track.  Musical Motifs seeks to connect your passion for music with industry skills to create a complete, melodious ensemble.  You will be encouraged to express yourself musically and have the opportunity to attend musical events the Boston area has to offer.

Global Visions (D’Amore-McKim School of Business)

If you’re looking to explore the vast social, cultural, and economic changes that await you following graduation, then consider one of the three tracks of the Business Connections LLC.  In this community, you will be introduced to a variety of perspectives to explore globalization and how we are all connected through business.  Discover our increasingly interconnected world and how you can thrive in our global society.

Corporate Explorers

Living in the Corporate Explorers community will provide you the opportunity to learn about career options in the field of business prior to choosing  your concentration. The programs in this track focus on self-discovery.  Topics include Co-op and concentration panels, a faculty dinner series, and events sponsored by Career Services.  Join Corporate Explorers and find your niche in the business world!

Women in Business

If you are looking to connect with enterprising women that share your interest in business, Women in Business is the track for you.  In this co-ed community, you will have the opportunity to help plan and organize a variety of interesting events and activities such as: Managing Office Politics, networking events with top level executives, a student led Co-op panel as well as a self-defense demonstration.  This community also coordinates site visits to Boston-area businesses and attends conferences hosted by other local institutions, such as Harvard University.  You will be welcome to participate in the Women in Business Club and the Smart Woman Securities organization that focuses on investment education for undergraduates.

International Business

Students intending to enroll in the Bachelor of Science in International Business program might consider participating in the International Business community.  This track focuses on helping students develop business savvy and cultural competency, two critical needs of leaders in this field. As a part of this community, you will learn about international business trends, the effect of global markets, and the etiquette needed to conduct business abroad.  This dynamic program will allow you to immerse yourself in language groups while also sharpening the skills required of global managers.


If you believe students have the power to make the world a better place, the Trailblazers LLC is your new home!  This LLC is a community of open-minded, progressive students who are interested in exploring who they are, learning from each other, and celebrating diverse perspectives.  You will collaborate with your fellow trailblazers to discover, inform, and applaud the differences and similarities of race, culture, gender, and sexual orientation.  Fostering a greater cultural awareness, you will seek to embrace the diversity of the Northeastern population, and strive to create a more inclusive residential experience.  With Trailblazers, you’ll have the opportunity to take your passions and turn them into action!


Discover and develop your style of leadership in the Leadership LLC. During the year, your experiences and conversations within your community will allow you to fine-tune your leadership skills, and connect you to a powerful network of leaders at Northeastern.  The Leadership LLC is broken into three tracks:

Leaders of the Pack

Become the leader you always wanted to be and join your fellow Huskies in Leaders of the Pack track. Through academic, service, social, and community-based experiences, you will have the opportunity to cultivate the leader in you. This community will help you navigate your course as a leader at Northeastern by networking with faculty members and upperclassmen in leadership positions on campus and within the community.

Sports Leadership

Do you have a passion for teamwork and athletics? Participating in the Sports Leadership community, you will identify your leadership style and strengths, and will gain an understanding of what it takes to build highly effective teams.  Working in conjunction with Northeastern’s renowned Sport in Society program, you will learn about group motivation, goal setting, and sports ethics from the Northeastern Athletics Department.  Being part of this track is your opportunity to take your sports leadership skills to the next level.

Outdoor Leadership

If you are into hiking, climbing, or paddling and want to learn how to develop leadership skills while exploring the great outdoors, the Outdoor Leadership track is for you!  Through guided trips and expedition experiences, you’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your communication, judgment, and decision-making skills.  As a community, you’ll learn from each other and become aware of each individual’s unique leadership style.  Get ready to reach the summit of your leadership potential.


This supportive community, which is housed in International Village, provides Honors students with the opportunity to live and study with fellow scholars.  International Village, the newest residence hall at Northeastern, is also home to two members of the faculty as part of Northeastern’s Faculty in Residence program.  Honors students will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with the Faculty in Residence through activities, events and engaging conversations.

Scholars who are invited into this program will be notified of selection in their admission letter.

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