With our renowned experiential learning program, students make an impact on the world before they graduate. The centerpiece of our unique curriculum is our signature cooperative education program, which allows students to apply their knowledge via six-month periods of full-time employment woven in with periods of academic study. Students bring those experiences back to the classroom where it is incorporated into their academic curriculum through reflection and application. Students can also participate in undergraduate research, community service opportunities, study abroad programs, and more. Experiential learning transforms the classroom experience and provides crucial preparation for graduate school or a career—it’s the world’s most powerful learning experience.

Making Experiential Learning Work For You

Every student is different. That’s why we offer the maximum flexibility to pursue our experiential learning opportunities in a way that fits every student’s academic goals.

Whatever path you create for yourself here at Northeastern, you’ll be able to explore all the benefits of our experiential learning model. Your real-world experiences will inform your classroom learning, your global perspectives will expand your perspective, and you’ll graduate with a crucial competitive advantage as you move toward graduate school or a career.