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Information Services - Overview


Information Services at Northeastern University provides central information technology to over 25,000 students, faculty and staff who use our secure, high speed connectivity to the Internet through our on-campus network (NUnet). We also provide wireless Internet connectivity through NUwave, standard audio-visual equipment in most classrooms, high speed and robust Internet connection in the residence halls (ResNet), the popular 24/7 InfoCommons computing facility, a centralized high performance research computing cluster and hosting facility, access to Blackboard (learning management system), a vast array of academic and administrative software applications, and access to myNEU, the electronic gateway to Northeastern faculty, staff, students and parents which offers one-stop shopping to check grades, obtain electronic rosters, pay bills, register for classes, sign-up for housing, and engage in the co-op process.

In addition to maintaining and updating the electronic network necessary to conduct research, engage in business transactions, and to communicate swiftly around the world, IS also offers specialized services to faculty and staff including training on popular software packages, incorporation of digitized media into presentations, and consulting on research and computer equipment decisions.

In the past three years, Northeastern University Information Services has won awards from CIO Magazine for boldness (2005) and resourcefulness (2003), and from ComputerWorld for innovation in 2005.

Information Services is aware that the technology requirements for both faculty and students are constantly changing particularly in the growing need for enhanced access to academic software outside of the Northeastern campus. To address this need Information Services is developing Northeastern On Demand over the course of this academic year to provide the ability for faculty, staff, and students to access applications anywhere and on any Web-capable workstation as an extension of the myNEU portal.