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IS - Telephone Service Requests


Title: Telephone Service Requests
Policy / Procedure No: IS030
Purpose: To define procedures for requesting telephone extension additions, deletions, moves; telephone equipment and voice mail requests.
Who Performs: Information Services Telephone Services
Contact: 617 373 -4357(xHELP) for repairs and voice mail requests, 617 373-4870 for general questions
Related Forms: Work Order Forms and Equipment Order Forms on


Telephone Services is responsible for: phone extension installation, moves and deletes; telephone extension repairs; telephone extension feature changes and voice mail orders. Installation and move requests generally require up to two weeks for completion. Extension feature changes and voice mail requests generally can be completed on the same day as the request.

1) To request a work order or to purchase new telephone equipment, print out a Telephone Services order form from and fill it out.All requests must be approved by a department head.

2)Work Order forms should be faxed to (617) 373-8325. Equipment Order forms should be brought to the Telephone Services Office in Cullinane Hall for equipment pick-up.

3) Contact the IS Help Line for repair and voicemail requests, and call 617 373-4870 for general questions.