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IS - Computer Hardware Maintenance


Title: Computer Hardware Maintenance
Policy / Procedure No: 034
Purpose: To define procedures for obtain ing computer hardware maintenance service for desktop computers and peripherals
Who Performs: IS Customer Services / Third Party Vendor
Contact Person: IS Help Line (617) 373-4357 (xHELP)
Related Policy/Procedure: Appropriate Use of Northeastern University's Computer and Network Resources.


1. Departments with desktop computer equipment select the desktop computer service option (annual maintenance contract or time and materials) that best services their particular requirements. Departments can confer with Purchasing to discuss service alternatives, but should be aware that third party repair contracts are limited in scope.

2. If a problem occurs with a desktop computer, the user -- or designated departmental computer administrator -- must contact the IS Help Line at (617) 373-4357.

3. IS Help Line personnel will determine whether the nature of the problem is related to the network, software, or hardware.

4. All hardware repairs will be performed by a third-party service provider. If a hardware problem exists, IS Help Line personnel will generate a trouble ticket that includes the following information:

  1. Contact person (primary and secondary), phone number(s), and location
  2. Account number (for billing purposes).
  3. Equipment model/manufacturer and serial number(s).
5. IS Help Line personnel will contact the third-party service provider. The service provider will then contact the user to arrange the date and time for the service appointment.