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IS Customer Services -HuskyCable Television Port Activation and Installation

Policy and Procedure


Internet Port Activation

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To explain to faculty and staff how to obtain HuskyCable television service in a University-owned office.

Who Performs:

Information Services

Related Policy:

Appropriate Use of Northeastern University's Computer and Network Resources.


Activating HuskyCable Service and Installation of Additional HuskyCable Ports

Northeastern University’s own cable TV service, HuskyCable offers over 80+ broadcast and premium channels.

If you do not have a cable TV port in your office, or if you would like an additional cable port installed, new cable TV access ports can be installed for $550.00. This one-time charge includes the cost of wiring, labor, and activation of the HuskyCable service. After activation, HuskyCable is available for $50.00 a month.


To request HuskyCable service in your office, please send your department's NU account center information and your contact information to If your office previously subscribed to Comcast, please include the old Comcast account number in your HuskyCable request.