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IS Customer Services - Email Account Requests (Faculty)


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Obtaining a Northeastern University E-mail Account

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IS Customer Services

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Sponsored Accounts

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Northeastern University offers e-mail accounts to all members of the University community for their use during their tenure at Northeastern. E-mail accounts are created when an individual joins the University community as a student, faculty or staff member. Accounts will be terminated when an individual leaves the University or for a serious breach of the University's Appropriate Use Policy.

How to Obtain an E-mail Account (Students)

All students have e-mail accounts issued to them through their myNEU accounts. Enrolled students can visit to obtain their myNEU accounts. Graduate students must contact their college or program to gain initial access to myNEU.

How to Obtain an E-mail Account (Faculty and Staff)

New members of the Northeastern community have paperwork processed by Human Resources Management that enables them to obtain a Lotus Notes account.

1. If a new employee needs access to e-mail before the paperwork can be processed, their supervisor can obtain a Sponsored Account Request Form at the Information Services InfoCommons Help Desk located at 184 Snell Library, or online, at

2. Only full-time benefits-eligible directors, faculty members, department heads, managers and hiring supervisors can approve Sponsored Account forms. The new employee's supervisor or department head must complete this form, and fax it to the IS Help Desk at (617) 373-5985.

3. IS Customer Services creates the account and notifies sponsored person how to claim the account and when they can attend training.