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IS- General Access and Classroom Computing Lab Policies


Subject Area: Computing
Policy Title: Computing Lab Policies
Policy / Procedure No: ISO001
Responsible Office: IS Customer Services
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PURPOSE: To define policies of the IS Customer Services computing lab and classroom facilities.

SCOPE: Faculty, staff, and students at Northeastern University.


In order to ensure that IS Computer labs are safe and accessible to all members of the University community, Information Services complies with all University guidelines for accessibility, proper conduct, and acceptable behavior, and for more information about the Information Services Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

1. Food and Drink

Food and drink are not permitted in the computer labs.

2. Computer Lab ID Policy

Computer labs are reserved for members of the Northeastern Community, which includes NU undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. All users must present an NU I.D. to gain access to the labs.

3. Games and Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Due to the heavy demand for lab access, game playing is not allowed in the labs. Individuals playing games will be asked to vacate the workstation.

4. Software

Copying licensed software off any IS Customer Services machines is illegal and will not be permitted.

5. Printing on Envelopes and Special Paper

IS provides high quality draft laser printouts on plain white draft paper only. No envelopes or special paper can be printed on in the labs.

6. Special Printing Needs

Students can get color printouts and copies made on special paper for a fee. Contact NU Reprographics for more information.

7. Pets

In order to maintain a productive, allergy-free environment, no pets or animals are allowed in the labs at any time, excluding seeing-eye dogs accompanied by their clients.