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HRM - Smoking


Subject Area: Workplace Policies
Policy Title: Smoking
Policy / Procedure No: HRM024
Responsible Office: Office Of Environmental Health and Safety, HRM, Division of Student Affairs

PURPOSE: To define the University's smoke-free campus policy.

SCOPE: Entire University community.


1. The University is a smoke-free campus in accordance with Massachusetts state law (Section 22 of M.G.L. Chapter 270). University policy prohibits both using tobacco products in all administrative and classroom buildings and selling tobacco products on the University's campus.

2. Smoking is not allowed in any public area, including lobbies, corridors, stairwells, lavatories, and elevators. In addition, smoking is prohibited in so-called "private offices."

3. Clear signage is affixed to building entrances and other key locations to remind community members and others of this policy.

4. Questions about this policy as it relates to faculty and staff should be directed to the Office of Environmental Health and Safety or HRM. Questions about this policy as it relates to students should be directed to the Division of Student Affairs.