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HRM - Re-Employment


Subject Area: Workplace Policies
Policy Title: Re-Employment
Policy / Procedure No: HRM029
Responsible Office: HRM
Related Policy / Procedure: HRM018 - Service Date,

PURPOSE: To define the University's re-employment policy.

SCOPE: Entire University community


1. The University considers former employees who left the University in good standing as candidates for re-employment. An HR consultant can evaluate the former employee's skills, abilities, and prior performance at the University as well as the individual's post-University employment experiences in considering re-employment.

2. Faculty and Staff, who are rehired within two years or less of leaving the University, will have a revised service date calculated that credits previous benefits-eligible employment with the University.

3. Previous employment in a benefits-eligible position at NU will be credited toward the two-year waiting period for participation in the Basic Retirement Plan. If the former employee already met the eligibility for the Basic Retirement Plan, regardless of the break in service length, the two-year waiting period would not need to be met again. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify HRM of their rehire status by completing the appropriate waiver form.

4. A rehired employee becomes eligible for health and dental insurance the first of the month following the date of rehire or date of rehire if it coincides with the University's first working day of the month. Life insurance is effective the first of the month following the date of rehire. Disability insurance begins following one year of new service, unless the rehired employee shows proof of disability insurance coverage with another employer within the four months prior to rehire at Northeastern. Tuition benefits for the rehired employee begin the quarter following the date of rehire. Tuition benefits for dependents of rehired employees begin following three years of new service.