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HRM - Instructional Activities


Subject Area: Workplace Policies
Policy Title: Instructional Activities
Policy / Procedure No: HRM030
Responsible Office: HRM

PURPOSE: To define the University's policy for instructional activities of administrative/professional staff.

SCOPE: Administrative/professional staff invited to teach in a University day program scheduled during the individual's regular work hours.


1. Time away from an individual's regular administrative or professional activities should not disrupt or adversely affect his/her departmental responsibilities as determined by the unit manager and/or area vice president.

2. The frequency of instructional activities should be limited to a maximum of one formal course per academic year or equivalent time for one guest lecture per academic quarter.

3. The University should not be expected to pay twice for the same hours of work. Therefore, if extra compensation for the teaching is involved, the individual must make up all hours missed due to teaching. Conference hours, class preparation and other ancillary activities cannot be performed during regular hours.

4. The entire arrangement, including payment for extra compensation or honoraria, is subject to the prior approval of the individual's area vice president.

5. Qualified administrative/professional staff members who teach in the evening undergraduate and graduate programs are entitled to receive appropriate extra compensation at rates established by the individual programs as these activities are performed outside of regular work hours.