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HRM - Worker's Compensation


Subject Area: Workplace Policies
Policy Title: Worker's Compensation
Policy / Procedure No: HRM033
Responsible Office: Risk Management Office

PURPOSE: To establish procedures to be followed in the event of a work-related injury.

SCOPE: All employees at Northeastern University are covered during the course of their employment for work-related illnesses and injuries.



1. The University self-insures the Worker's Compensation Program, which is administered by CCMSI.

2. Under Massachusetts State Law, there is a five-day waiting period before indemnity payments begin. This period of time is unpaid under state law; however, Northeastern University allows employees to receive full pay on regular payroll during this time if the employee has sick or vacation time.

3. On the 6th day, indemnity benefits will begin. These benefits are defined by law as 60% of the average weekly wage for the previous 52-week period. The maximum benefit is $890.94 per week. However, NU allows employees to use any available sick and/or vacation time to make up the 40% of reduced pay.

4. If you are out for more than 21 days, the indemnity benefit will go back retroactively to day one.

5. Worker's Compensation indemnity payments are tax-exempt. You will not be taxed on the 60% indemnity pay, but you are still taxed on your 40% sick or vacation pay, should you choose to use it.

6. After the first five days out, you will receive your 60% indemnity payments in a paper check from CCSMI. If you are using sick/vacation time to supplement that pay, you will receive this payment by check or direct deposit from NU.


1. You will remain enrolled in Medical, Dental, Basic Life, Disability and Reimbursement Accounts. Payment for these benefits may need to be made in after-tax dollars.

2. Voluntary deductions will be made as long as you have the funds to cover them after mandatory deductions are paid (medical, dental, etc.). If you would like to decrease or discontinue your deductions, please contact the appropriate department (Credit Union for savings account deductions, HRM for retirement plan deductions, etc.).

3. Indemnity payments are not eligible for retirement plan contributions by the University.

4. Employees out on Worker's Compensation leave do not accrue sick and/or vacation time during their absence.

5. The maximum amount of time the University will hold an employee's position open is 180 days. At that time, the employee's department can fill the position with a permanent replacement. An employee may be eligible for long-term disability benefits and may contact HRM/Benefits at least a month prior for further information.


MEDICAL TREATMENT 1. Notify immediate supervisor.

2. Boston Campus:

  1. See your doctor for evaluation and treatment, or
  2. If it is an emergency which requires emergency room care, call Public Safety at x3333 for ambulance transportation to a nearby hospital.

3. Off Campus or at Suburban Campus:

  1. See your doctor for evaluation and treatment, or
  2. Seek medical attention at the nearest health care facility.

4. Tell provider you were injured at work and provide them with the address for our Third Party Administrator as the billing address (CCMSI, 100 Quannapowitt Parkway, Suite 201, Wakefield, MA 01880, Attn: NU Claims Rep.). Please note: Your Health Insurance will not cover treatment for work-related injury.

5. If you are unable to work due to a work-related illness or injury, you must have a doctor's note that certifies you are unable to work and when you can return to your duties. A doctor's note should also be provided for any work restrictions, such as light-duty, no lifting, etc.


1. A First Report of Injury Form must be filed with the Risk Management Office within 24-hours of injury. For a copy of the form, please click here.

2. If you will be out for more than 5 calendar days on Worker's Compensation, it is counted toward the amount of time you are allowed to be out on Family Medical Leave. For more on Family Medical Leave, please click here.

3. Benefits and/or wages will not be paid until all forms have been filed.


1. Northeastern University requires sufficient medical documentation to determine whether an injury is work-related. If the appropriate information is not received, denial will be issued.

2. If your claim is denied because your injury is determined by CCMSI to be not work-related, you have the right to dispute the denial through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents.


1. You are required to notify your department and the Risk Management Office of any lost time due to a work-related injury or illness.

2. The Risk Management Office will work with the HR/Payroll Service Center and your department to assure appropriate payments. As stated earlier, you will be paid for 60% of your average weekly wage for any time missed. If you have vacation and/or sick time, this time may be used to make up for the other 40%.

3. You are required to notify your department and the Risk Management Office when you expect to return to work, and notify them of any changes to your return to work status.